Monday, February 1, 2010

And the number one reason why we are happy to be home...


If you can't leave the hospital until you eat well, then please send something up that doesn't look like this. Thanks.


  1. I'm guessing scrambled eggs...
    HA...LOOKS LIKE BOOBS TO ME THO... But then, I am getting ready to do a corsette cake with bulging boobs for a lingerie shower... so that's what's etched in my brain right now....LOL

  2. ahh yes, nothing like disgusting hospital food.
    How odd is it that the Atrium can serve decent enough food, but the stuff the send up to the patient doesn't even resemble food. Much less anything a young child would ever want to eat.

    Sooo happy for you that you are home! I was waiting for that update all day.

  3. green jello might look good standing((litterally))beside that.

    so glad the family is home. that speaks volume as to eve's recovery.

  4. oops, coffee first, interact with others after ((literally)).

  5. Amber- those are scrambled eggs. No amount of ketchup could make me want to eat them, though.

  6. So glad you are home! not just for the better food either LOL.. When I had my gallbladder explode inside of me, subsequently picked out piece by piece and my entire abdomen scoured for gunk, they just couldn't understand what on earth I found so repulsive about low-salt, no discernable reason to ever do it to yourself, chicken broth at 6 am. I mean who doesn't want that for breakfast??? especially when you haven't eaten for 8 days.. geez louise, I was begging to go home by that point! love the pics of eve by the way- too cute!!