Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Haircuts!

Ok, so the title might be a little misleading. (Kind of like that time I got excited over the "Free Cowboy Hats" sign in the ladies bathroom before realizing it was referring to a box of paper toilet seat covers.) But, shaving your head is fun. Otherwise, why would all these people be doing it?

This guy doesn't look too scared.

"I'll take the cut that the kid behind me got."

"A little more off the top, please."

Now John is on his way to rocking "The Eve." Move over, The Rachel. There's a new 'do in town.

$195,576.58 raised at the Hibernian for St. Baldrick's on Saturday. Many pints raised, too.


  1. great photos, great people, great cause. it was great seeing you and matt! i hope eve is feeling...wait for it...GREAT!

  2. Eve LOVES the dress. We put it on her as soon as we got home and she just kept spinning around in circles saying, "I'm a bow-wer-weena!"

    Looking forward to seeing you next weekend! I've got a pint with your name on it.