Thursday, November 12, 2015

Here's how I got on the line for $7500:

Natalie really wanted to do an Ultimate Hike with me.  I've done several hikes, Eve had cancer, Daniel and Matt shave their heads for St. Baldrick's.  Natalie wanted to do something (besides having cancer).  I get it; because our bunch is such a loud-mouthed family about childhood cancer, Eve is usually center-stage.  Nat just wanted to have her own way to contribute (again, without having cancer).  So, sure.  You can do an Ultimate Hike with me.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Clean pee for sale

NINETEEN DAYS until I take Natalie (10) and Daniel (9) with me on their very first Ultimate Hike in the Dolly Sods Wilderness.  They are trying their hardest to raise twice the minimum so twice as many kids might be cured twice as fast.

Friday, May 22, 2015


So, I've definitely not been the post-iest for a couple of years.  We continued to go to Duke every three months for scans.  Eve has had enough radiation to fuel a back-up generator at Shearon Harris.  I laugh when people are scared of getting cancer from going through a machine at the airport; you have a better chance of getting cancer from being treated for cancer.  We've been billed for CTs, MRIs, echos, x-rays, ultrasounds, some nuclear medicine scan that is so far removed from my brain that I couldn't pick it out of a line-up...