Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's just me and this computer, in the dark.

I have been amazed by how little sleep Eve has been functioning on the past few days, but I suppose she's not spending a ton of energy just lying there watching Dungle Book. She finally let me put pajamas on her last night. (Until that point, she was hanging Mowgli-style.)

The last IV came out today; this will make thumb sucking much easier. [Note to self: invent protein-rich thumb-flavored Dum Dums.] We also were able to disconnect the fluids so Eve and I could go on a walk around the floor. She did great- no signs of forgetting how to use her legs. It was the first time she's been out of her bed since we've been here.

Eve found a red wagon she wanted to ride in, so I must have burned like 18 calories pulling her around in that. I might go search for some chocolate now that I've gotten my exercise in.

The pain is getting a lot better, and it's okay if we don't give her pain meds every four hours on the dot. It's quite amazing how quickly kids recover. If I were her, I'd totally be milking it. I can't keep anything down but Taco Bell. I need some sleep- everyone leave the room and turn off the lights, because I'm not getting off this couch. And don't forget to give me the remote before you go.

Natalie and Daniel came to visit today with my parents. They brought cookies and cards and were just pretty darn adorable. I was happy to see Dan give Eve a hug and a kiss. He normally runs away and hides when she tries to get some love, like Swamp Thing is coming after him or something. He did ask if Eve has cancer, and when I said yes, he told me he wanted cancer, too. [Note to self: forget about Dum Dums and pay more attention to Daniel.]

So Eve fell asleep this evening around 7:20. It is the earliest she has been to bed yet. I am pleased, yet a little lonely. It's just me and this computer, in the dark.

I am happy to see one of my favorite nurses is back for tonight's shift. He understands what Eve is going through, being a cancer survivor himself. He also had abdominal surgery, so when I was demanding more drugs for Eve, he was definitely on our side, even when the surgical team just wanted to keep shoving Tylenol up Eve's butt. Seriously, I take a Tylenol when I have a mild headache; break out the good stuff for my daughter when she comes out of the operating room after having a major organ removed.

We will most likely be breaking out of here tomorrow. I am beyond excited, despite the lack of exclamation points in this post. The first thing I am going to do is search for some snow that isn't yellow and take a big bite.


  1. Thinking of all of you as you navigate this stay. I always had to push for pain meds for my son as well. He had been cut from hip to hip and you're giving him Tylenol--um no!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you'll be coming home soon!