Monday, July 13, 2015

Clean pee for sale

NINETEEN DAYS until I take Natalie (10) and Daniel (9) with me on their very first Ultimate Hike in the Dolly Sods Wilderness.  They are trying their hardest to raise twice the minimum so twice as many kids might be cured twice as fast.

How fast do we need research dollars?  Well, Eve's tumors doubled in size every ten days, so...ASAP.  Cancer doesn't take vacation.

Watching the kids get better with each training hike has been amazing.  The past two weeks, we've done three hikes, each about 14 miles.  My kids pee more than I pee on the trail, and I pee a lot on hike day.  I pee enough that I could bottle my pee and sell it on eBay to stoners looking for clean pee and Matt could retire early; if I bottled my kids' pee, he could retire tomorrow.  There's a reason our team is called Wee the Peeple.  Vouchers for clean pee will be given to each donor.

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