Thursday, February 18, 2010

All of the Downstairs Eve, none of the action.

Today was supposed to be the day that we start turning Eve into SuperGirl via radiation. She ate herself silly the night before in preparation for a morning of NPO- a piece of bread, a grilled cheese sandwich, two bananas, an orange, some yogurt, chips, and two cups of milk. Seriously, I think her stomach has expanded into the vacant property where that right kidney foreclosed.

So how was radiation, you ask?
It wasn't.

Downstairs Eve was sedated with a gas mask, which worked perfectly on Monday for the mapping session. Matt and I sat in the waiting area nearby the radiation room while they got started. Less than five minutes later, we heard some screams coming through the three-foot thick door. Initially I was amazed by how quickly they radiated her. Then, as we tried in vain to calm Eve down, the anesthesiologist told us she called off the procedure. Eve's blood pressure and heart rate had fallen too low under sedation. Luckily, Eve isn't taking lisinopril right now or else it would have been much worse. I probably would have been blogging from the hospital.

We will have to wait until Monday to try again since the radiation-oncologist wants there to be at least two consecutive days of treatment in the beginning. Monday, they will access her port in case they need to do IV sedation (if the gas is a bust again). The docs will be able to give Eve some fluids through the port in case her blood pressure drops. With the radiation-oncology clinic being so far from the main hospital, it's extremely important to have everything in order before they try to sedate her. Because you always want to wake up from sedation.

She will need six treatments total. So, that's six days of NPO. Six Downstairs Eves.

0 down, 6 to go.

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  1. Josh recommends the white worm