Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The squirts.

If you want to see people move out of your way, put a mask on your kid. They will leave you plenty of personal space, trust me.

We have to put a mask on Eve anytime she goes into the pediatrician's office or the clinic. Every Tuesday, she gets her blood work done at pediatrician's office. On Friday, her ANC was 500. On Tuesday, it was up to 891. Even better news- her blood pressure was 80/44! A far cry from the 160/120 reading when she was first in the hospital.

I bribed Daniel on Tuesday with ice cream if he would stay and play soccer the entire length of the class. It worked! Luckily, kids scoops at Baskin Robbins are only $1.59, in the event that I have set myself up to do this every week. Ice cream and donuts aren't a bad lunch...right?

Dan's coach gave him a bag of "goodies" that he insisted I open up so he could devour whatever was inside. I, being able to read, knew that the bag was not full of gummy worms as he had hoped, but was an individually packaged 'Wet Ones' wipe. Dan still did not believe me after I opened it and unfolded the wipe, so he proceeded to sanitize his tongue.

Natalie likes to tell me interesting things about her preschool teacher. "Mommy, Miss Jaye gives me the squirts." I won't lie-- this got my attention. What, Natalie? Again, "Miss Jaye gives me the squirts." How exactly does she give you the squirts? "I get the squirts when I put my finger in my mouth or in my nose or play outside. She puts the squirts in my hand just like at home!"

Ahhh...hand sanitizer.

Today, Natalie and I went on a field trip to Wake Christian Academy. She was excited to see real kindergartners in action. Before they got to play, the preschool kids got to watch the 4th graders put on a play about being thankful. (Kudos to those 4th graders who memorized words I can't even spell, and double kudos to those 4-year-olds who sat still and watched!) The highlight for me was one adorable boy whose cuteness was only matched by his thick southern accent. He played William Tyndale, the Englishman responsible for translating much of the Bible into English. Imagine, in his sweet Opie Taylor voice: "I was born and raised in England and studied at Oxford." As I tried to hold in a giggle, I glanced over to the podium which was painted with the words Wake Christian Academy. Underneath that was a sign that read: No Food! No Drink! No Playing! Did I mention we were in the cafeteria?

Nat is so in love with "kindergarten school" that she is now counting down the days until she turns five. That comes out to be around "46-million-hundred" days.

After the field trip, I picked up Dan from preschool. He appeared from the church in his cowboy boots and hat. After buckling him in, he asked if I could be his hussy when we got home. Interesting proposition, unless you know that he can't say his R's yet. Neigh, neigh! Watch out, Mr. Ed. You've got nothing on this hussy!

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