Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Special: Vincristine, Half-Off!

Yesterday, I cooked for the first time in five weeks. My body has been out of kitchen shape- standing in there all day long fixing Thanksgiving dinner really did a number on my shins! Lesson learned: don't cook barefoot for hours on end in a house that is on a slab.

Eve has been noticeably tired the past few days. She also hasn't been very interested in eating (except for the pumpkin pie). But we did have something very important to be thankful for- Eve dirtied up some diapers after a few days of holding out on us! Exclamation point!

On clinic mornings, I'm usually up before a lot of my friends. Today was an exception- crazy people everywhere were up hours before dawn to go bargain shopping! Normally, I would happily be a part of this crowd, but this year I had many people shopping in my honor while we left for chemo. The roads were clear on the way out to Durham and we arrived in record time, even after leaving late. Black Friday rocks the house already.

We checked in and were immediately taken back. We met a new nurse today who marveled at Eve's awesomeness. This girl can handle a port access like nobody's business! The labs came back quickly, probably since there was NO ONE at the clinic. Eve's blood work looks good- her ANC is 2750. Her counts should start to drop this week.

Eve is still a bit hoarse and the coughing has returned when she drinks, but the doctors decide it is better to press on with treatment than to skip another dose. She received half a dose of Vincristine. The pharmacy took no time at all to make this, on account of us being the only people in the triangle area not shopping.

This was the quickest chemo ever. We were done at 10:47 a.m. Just enough time to get in some last minute doorbusters! I bet we could have gotten to the front of the lines if we had walked in with Eve in a mask.

5 down, 1 to go!

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