Monday, November 9, 2009

Lawn chairs and hiney coughs.

Eve let us give her medicine not once, but twice in one day! We are beyond happy with this. It did make Natalie break down in tears, as Eve took her medicine so quickly that Nat missed the event when she and Daniel went to get their lawn chairs (See: Wow, I just started a blog).

Eve seemed a tad more tired, earlier than usual, so I put her down for an early nap. She slept several hours. She still appears to be in high spirits, though. There's just a lot of stuff going on in that little body of hers, and some rest is bound to do it good.

We kept Natalie home from school today because she had the tail end of a cold going on. Since she was upset that she couldn't go, Matt promised her I would let her play with scissors and glue (I guess this is what he pictures her doing at preschool). She made cards for everyone in her preschool class, and two of them were to boys with "I love you" and "XOXO" written on the inside. Do I sense a Dwight-Andy duel coming on?

I do think Nat is sad that Eve is not sleeping in her room right now. Eve is sleeping in our room while her counts are low, and especially now that Nat is getting over that cold. No one beyond Eve has been sleeping well. Last night I made the mistake of reading some CaringBridge pages and blogs of kids with cancer and I could not get to sleep for hours. I just laid in bed seeing those faces over and over again. Just when I did start to doze off, Nat starts screaming in her room. She had a bad dream that her preschool friends were kicking her. I laid next to her for a little while, but no way could I go to sleep in that bed- it's so uncomfortable for anyone over 60 pounds. I crept back into our room and fell asleep for about 2 hours only to wake up to Eve crying. Apparently Daniel had snuck into our room and turned on the lights and then left. I turned off the lights and got another 2 hours sleep.

Daniel used to be our best sleeper. He would go down for naps no problem and sleep for hours. Then he'd go to bed and sleep until Natalie burst into his room and woke him up. Ever since all this craziness started, he has been the one not sleeping. Naptimes are horrible. I tried to take a nap today on the couch, but he kept coming out of his room and and jumping on me. When I sent him back upstairs to his room, he'd let all the Irish people out of his closet and they did Riverdance above my head.

If Dan doesn't sleep well, no one has a great day. He gets all crazy like Kanye West having a temper tantrum. And we know when it's going to be one of those days when we are awakened at 4:30 a.m. by Plaza Sesamo, and it's Daniel holding the remote.

But one thing that Dan does well is claiming the toot that escapes the place we never mention at at the dinner table. He is a true boy in the fact that he not only tells you he did it, but he is damn proud of it. Natalie doesn't get embarrassed by this phenomenon when it happens to her, but she has found a loophole in the "excuse me" rule. You need to excuse yourself when you belch or pass gas. But, if your hiney is simply coughing, no need to be excused.

Who knew my world would shrink down to tallying poops and blogging about gas?


  1. "Hiney coughs"...that's one smart girl you've got there. Too funny!

  2. I admire the strength that all of you have right now. Most of us would be a mess 24/7 and you are still funny as ever. I love keeping up with the progress on the blog so thanks for taking the time!