Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sickos Anonymous

Watch out, ghost of Kojak! It's coming out.

We were told to expect Eve's hair to start falling out 2-3 weeks after the start of chemo. The two week mark was yesterday, and sure enough, I saw Eve amusing herself by pulling out her hair. Not nearly as traumatic as I had envisioned. I think her head will be noticeably thinned out by the weekend.

I posted the news on Facebook yesterday morning, and I quickly realized how demented my friends are. So far, 9 people clicked the "like" button under this:

The hair is coming out. It seems to amuse Eve that she can pull on her hair and it comes out in her hand. She should be bald by bedtime at this rate!

Of the 22 comments that followed, my favorite was from a friend whom shall remain nameless, with the suggestions that I save the hair and:
A) Make a wig for a doll out of it
B) Make a construction paper face and glue the hair to it
C) Follow suggestion B, but use glitter glue.


  1. Those are cute ideas! Are you going to do any of them?

  2. Oh my kids pulled Josh's hair out and then danced through it. . .it was well, deranged. Although pulling it speeds up the process instead of trying not to touch it and keep it as long as possible. You can't stop the inevitable. Darn I was really hoping she'd take after Josh and keep it through that chemo cocktail.

    It's going to be time soon for the head tats, temporary tattoo that baby up! Get some extra detachol the next time you are at the clinic getting accessed for labs, that stuff takes the temporary tattoos off like butter and she can change 'em up as often as she wants!

    Because really you have two choices, sad or deranged, so pull up a chair, enjoy the show and have some fun, because you've left normal far far behind.