Sunday, November 8, 2009

The C Word

First things first--- Eve had a wonderful weekend. Absolutely nothing to complain about. She even let me give her medicine today! We look at her and think, this child has cancer???

If Matt and I weren't aware of what the word oncology meant, we wouldn't have known Eve had cancer until two days after we were admitted to the hospital. No one spoke the C word. No one. There was lots of talk of chemotherapy, tumors, the Children's Oncology Group...but it wasn't until that Sunday evening that one of the doctors used the word "cancer." Not that we were in denial of what was going on, but hearing the word for the first time kind of knocks the wind out of you.

Now two weeks into this, we can make tacky jokes around our house. "Give her some chocolate milk...she has CANCER!" "Cancer trumps swine flu!" "She has cancer; don't make her sit in time out. Daniel will get over her kicking him in the head."

Natalie and Daniel are now officially card-carrying members of SuperSibs! It's a cool program for siblings of cancer patients. They receive things in the mail throughout the year. Their first packages came with coloring books, tattoos, bracelets (think Lance Armstrong), and membership cards with their names on them. The best thing in the packages were the "How I'm Feeling Today" magnets. The kids can put a special magnet frame over the face that best describes how they are feeling. Natalie likes the face with the tongue sticking out, so she decides she is also feeling "overwhelmed." Daniel says he doesn't feel anything, which I take to mean he is numb. Hopefully it is comfortable.


  1. They say humor is the best medicine!!! So glad yours is intact! Your blog entries are almost as good as your cakes! Glad Eve had a good weekend!!


  2. Happy to hear that Eve had a good weekend and is doing so well. Kids are amazing! I love the idea of the SuperSibs program. I like Nat's choice of smiley face. :-)

    I agree with the comment above. You are a great blogger. Is there anything you don't do well?

  3. Christy, I gave blood this past Friday and there was an info. sheet there about giving platelets. The first of three stories about lives saved via giving platelets talked about a young child with a Wilms tumor. So I thought maybe I could organize a platelets donation in Eve's honor. Has any of your doctors talked about people donating anything for Eve (blood, platelets)? I'm not sure how it works. The Red Cross guy at the blood drive said you can't donate to a specific person, but I wasn't sure if anything's been said to you by your doctors. Let me know because I really want to organize a platelet caravan up to Durham (the only local platelet donation site) in honor of Eve. You have all our prayers for sure!

  4. The only talk of transfusions we have had with the doctors are if Eve's counts get super-low. I am pretty sure you can't donate to Eve specifically, but it donating is a wonderful way to help so many people. She very well may need a transfusion in the future.