Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some of you might have already heard we are in the hospital with Eve. This week at her two-year-old checkup, her pediatrician found a lump in her abdomen and sent us to get an ultrasound. We got the U/S yesterday morning and there appeared to be tumors on her kidneys. We were sent to the Duke Pediatric Oncology unit yesterday afternoon and today Eve got a CT scan which confirmed she has a Wilms tumor on her right kidney, as well as some questionable cells in her left.

As of now, the plan is to remove the right kidney on Monday, as most of the kidney has turned into tumor. We will most likely just monitor her left kidney with regular CT scans, as there does not appear to be a tumor there, but we will need to wait for the head Radiologist to look at her scan in the morning to make sure. She will also be getting a port put in her chest when she is under anesthesia on Monday so when she starts chemotherapy, they won't need to put in an IV each time.

Her blood pressure is very high, so she is on lisinoprol to bring it down. Apparently this is related to the tumor on her kidney and should be resolved once it is removed.

Right now, she is comfortable since she can finally eat. Eve is pretty tired and a little cranky from all the poking and prodding and starving (she went for a day and a half with no food or drink), and lack of sleep (she didn't get a nap yesterday and stayed up until 3 am!...didn't sleep in, either). She isn't attached to an IV pole right now since she is eating and drinking, so that is also making things more comfortable for her.

I just wanted to fill everyone in on what is going on with us. We are grateful for all of the support our friends have given us and ask that you keep Eve in your prayers. I will update more when we have more information. I refuse to google any of the terms we have heard. I prefer to get all of the information from our wonderful doctors!

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