Friday, January 28, 2011

The Difference a Year Makes

One year ago today, right around this time of night, I was next to Eve in the ICU. She was tangled in tubing. She was in pain and under-medicated. She was having Tylenol shoved up her butt. She was having spasms if we turned off Dora.

She was recovering from the removal of all those tumors.

Today, her scar is faded. Today, she has hair. Today, she has no port.

(Today, she bit the living hell out of my finger.)

She's alive. She's spunky. And apparently she has a taste for human flesh.

Join Team Eve at the CureSearch Walk to make sure other parents can be eaten alive by their children, too. Sign up as a virtual walker to be there in spirit if you're attached to your fingers.


  1. I took Tony (4mo) & Alexis (2yr) in for their check-ups Friday and as the doctor was attempting to feel their spines through their bellies...I told him about Eve and her diagnosis and now that she is NED and you should have seen the look of excitement and shear joy on his face as he was fist pumping the air!! :) We have plans to be at the walk - I just haven't officially signed us up yet...Jessica