Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Force Field

Daniel went back for a check-up with the eye doc to see how the patching has been working. His weaker eye is still improving, but not yet as strong as the other eye.

Time to read the letter chart.

Letter chart: E O N R S
Daniel: E...N...S.
Doctor: What other letters do you see?
Daniel: E...N...S.
Doctor: There is a letter between the E and the N. Can you see it?
Daniel: E...N...S.
[Doctor puts a pair of glasses on his face.]
Daniel: Hey! Where'd those two new letters come from?

The poor guy's eyes are crossing and there was something mentioned about crowding and his brain and something or another...I really have a hard time keeping up when I'm trying to keep Natalie from reading all the letters aloud to Daniel and Eve from shouting the wrong letters in an effort to confuse him.

I let Dan pick out his own glasses. He narrowed it down between the Disney and Harley Davidson frames. And I'm not quite sure why Disney or Harley Davidson make frames, because there were no mouse ears or motorcycles on them. In fact, they were the exact same glasses. Curiously missing were the Schwinn frames.

So, he chose Disney. And I had to make sure he understood that there would be no Disney sticker on the lenses when he got them. And there would be no breaking of these glasses anytime soon if he ever wanted to see anything Disney again. I can hold a grudge, especially if there is a lot of money involved.

But how could I hold a grudge against a face like this?

My next project is teaching him to say: The human head weighs eight pounds.
I have a soft spot for little boys with glasses. And I'll admit, I find it increasingly difficult to discipline him with the iron fist I normally have polished for such occassions. That is, until he throws his glasses on the ground. It's like his force field is broken and I will no longer be swayed by his mystic Jedi powers.

Take off your glasses, you must not.

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