Monday, January 24, 2011

The Most Magical Snotsicles on Earth

I'm finally onto Thursday the 6th of January. This trip was so action-packed that it's been kind of exhausting for me to go back and blog about. I'm sure a lot of you have the same feeling reading it, sans the motion sickness.

Our morning consists of packing lots of extra clothes, in case of rogue bodily fluids. We have been leaving our DNA all over the greater-Orlando area.

Off to the Gingerbread House where we talk to an older man who was volunteering. He didn't know anything about Eve, but mentioned his daughter was diagnosed with Wilms 43 years ago. (She miraculously survived.) And what do you know? She was on the same chemo that Eve was on. Four decades ago. I hope I'm around for the day that they find something new to treat these kids with that doesn't harm them as much as help them. But, I digress. No soapboxing on vacation.

Once we arrive at Magic Kingdom, we go to rent a locker because of the sheer amount of stuff we are towing with us. The woman helping us asked Daniel if this was his first time to Disney, and Daniel shouted YES! And by YES! I mean sort of like a Spartan cheerleader. Enthusiastic. He kind of geeks out over the "1st Visit" buttons she gave them and immediately wants to wear it so he can, too, have a magic button like Eve. When we try to explain that his button was different, he wants to trade with Eve. When we then explain that you had to have cancer to get that button, he decides he is cool with being a part of the entourage.

(We ran into this "it's not fair that Eve gets all this stuff!" a lot on our trip. Well, kids, is it fair that Eve has part of one kidney left? Think of all the caffeine I'm never going to let her drink!)

We basically do everything we did on Sunday, plus ride the Astro Orbiter. And it is after the sun went down, so it is a little chilly. And this ride is like Dumbo except really high in the sky. And I think the kids have some snotsicles by the time we are done.

By the time we leave Magic Kingdom, Eve is asleep on my shoulder. We haul booty over to the Grand Floridian so we can enjoy a dinner with Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare Restaurant. The reason we had to rent a locker in the first place was because of all the clothes we brought for the kids to change into. Eve was Snow White, Nat was Rapunzel, and Dan was Woody. What makes this even more fun is trying to help Natalie get dressed in the bathroom while Eve was passed out in my arms. And by passed out, I mean she's out like a freshman at a frat party. After Nat is done, she tries to help me dress Bernie. It would be much easier if she didn't keep falling over on the floor.

Picture time! Try to stay awake, Eve.

And yes, that is a picture of a picture.

Anastasia showed Natalie how a princess should always pose. She stood like this for half of our meal.Dan did not throw his hat on the ground. Must be his new magic button.

At least Natalie knows we're taking a pic with Cinderella.

Natalie doesn't want to take a pic with Prince Charming. Boys are icky.

Prince Charming: And who might you be?
Daniel: I'm Woody!
Prince Charming: And what does Woody say?
Daniel: I don't know!
Prince Charming: Well, that's ok. As long as there's not a snake in your boot.
Daniel: AHHHHHHH! That's what Woody says! How did you know that?!?

Eve kinda looks like Cinderella in this pic with Lady Tremaine. Off to scrub the floors again.

Nat can't believe that Anastasia was so pretty in real life but so ugly in the movie. And she can't wait to tell Anastasia that, too. ("Are all ugly people always mean? Are all pretty people always good?")

Dan likes the bad girls.

I think I want to be an evil stepsister when I grow up.

It looks like a lot of fun. Almost as fun as eating the world's biggest sundae.

I'm not sure why they bring this out to the table. It's not socially responsible if you ask me. That is a 12" plate full of ice cream, cake, whipped cream, syrup...oh wait...there's bananas! (That would be cool if you could eat a good food with a bad food and the good food would cover for the bad food when it got to your stomach. Like you could eat a carrot with an onion ring and they would travel down to your stomach, then they would get there, and the carrot would say, "It's cool, he's with me." -Mitch Hedberg)

And then there is the part of the buffet with nothing but candy on it. Which I may or may not use to bribe the kids to stay at the table instead of chasing after Cinderella. It's vacation, screw the teeth. I'm not even going to floss.

Dan made sure we got back to our villa, as he did every night, by asking the driver, "Are you going to Give Kids the Village?"

That would be something to give the kids, now.

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  1. what a party, what a great princess party. nat looks like she has found her future profession.

    gwyn says "i want to eat that!" as she looks at the very large sundae. i think i better fashion an epi pen on a lanyard.