Monday, January 17, 2011

Bebe's Kids

The morning after Epcot, we slept in until 8, which is the equivalent of noon when you have small children. It's like Make-A-Wish slipped the kids some Dramamine or something, knowing my second dream of all-time is to sleep in, just behind a reunion of the Talking Heads complete with a reimagining of Stop Making Sense.

Ice cream breakfast! I had a banana with some fruit and ice cream on top. Kind of like a banana split, but much healthier, trust me. If I were to eat that same thing after lunch, it may or may not be called a banana split.

Then the carousel. Just a quick turn before moving onto the snoring tree. Still snoring, much to Eve's dismay.

We went to Keaton's Korral for some horseback riding. Eve was afraid the horses were going to eat her, but the kids all ended up loving it. Maybe because the volunteers reminded Eve that the horses had already eaten breakfast. So, just to make things clear, yes, the horses WOULD, in fact, eat you if they hadn't spoiled their appetite with breakfast. We got our pics and our cowboy hats and kept on walking.

Daniel did not like his cowboy hat. Just to make the point, he took it off his head, threw it on the ground, picked it up, and then threw it on the ground again.

We kept walking down to the playground. Closed for inclement weather. This was peculiar since the sun was shining. It was being power washed so we figured it would be open later when they were done. I guess if you got hit by the power washer, that might be considered inclement weather.

We walked by the pool- closed. Bummer, dude. Something about a broken pump, but that's just a guess because my Spanish is pretty rusty and the other girl's Spanish was not. There might have been a Baby Ruth in the pool for all I know.

Outside of the pool, the kids climbed up on a sand castle and Matt told me to take a picture of them really quick before we behave like sensible parents and get them down. This was taken prior to the climbing.

I missed my photo-op, because as soon as they were all up there, Daniel fell backward and took Eve down with him. She looked surprisingly good falling face-first onto the ground. Note to self: order kidney guard when we get back home.

Back to the snoring tree. Damn, cannot wake this thing up.

Here's the carousel again. We rode it at least five times. It was definitely not built for my behind. Very sore. I got off walking like a cowboy. When my bottom can take no more, we go to Mayor and Merry Clayton's cottage. It's very small considering these bunnies are six feet tall, but what disturbs Eve is that there is no bed for sleeping. But, we all know that bunnies don't sleep. We don't die, we multiply! We's Bebe's bunnies!

We got to ride the train at Amberville that was being operated by someone dressed up as Harry Potter. Matt and I squeezed ourselves into the caboose while the kids rode in the very front car. Not because we wanted to be as far as possible from them, but just because we like squeezing ourselves into places that are obviously made to accomodate Keebler elves.

Putt putt. Dan is less than happy that he cannot get a hole in one like everyone else in the family just did. He wants to throw his putter on the ground, pick it back up, then throw it on the ground again. Thank goodness for the dinosaur that appears and scares maybe half the crap out of everyone. A welcome distraction from our awesome putt-putting skillz.

I sure wish I remembered the Chinese word for dinosaur right now. Because I think this might be the only practical application of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan! we'll ever stumble upon.

And for those of you who'd like the Cliffs Notes version:

Lions eat chickens.

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