Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dr. Eyelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Patch

Today I was pleasantly surprised by how well my children behaved at Daniel's eye doctor appointment, especially since it was Eve's naptime. (It seems they saved their impiness (is that a word? (ooh, parentheses inside of parentheses inside of parentheses...crap, what was my original thought?)) all for me at home.) The good news is that the one-eyed wonder is improving at warp speed; just two months after wearing the patch, his weak eye can see two full lines further down on the eye chart. So, we'll trod on through the new year with Captain Feathersword and see if he can hit the next line. I'm thinking the last line should spell something like A A R G H.

Natalie is tracked out for three weeks. I did not sign her up for any track-out camps, but I am doing a pretty good version of a Mommy & Me Cooking Bootcamp at home. Not only has she been busy knee-deep in food, she is also perfecting her sweeping and dishwashing skills. If I can get her to mop properly by the end of track-out, I'd say it was a success. How long before they realize playing housekeeper isn't all that fun? How long before they demand wages?

But it's not all hard work. I do score points for renting Honey, I Shrunk the Kids for the week. (And you reeeeally have to love your kids to watch this movie everyday for a week.) I wonder what Rick Moranis is up to nowadays...maybe he got lost with Steve Guttenberg somewhere? I like that Nat asked, "Who is that really tall man talking looking for the little kids?" I want to send that to Rick Moranis, wherever he is. I think that would make his day.

And in Eve news, Pablove's Jeff Castelaz dedicated his ride to the short spunky one yesterday afternoon. He is booking it down the west coast in Pablove Across America. He dedicates the mornings to children in treatment, the afternoons to children who show no evidence of disease, and the evenings to those who passed away. You can see the video dedication here.

I don't think I could bike down the street to my neighbor's house, let alone three weeks from Seattle to Los Angeles. Let me pause for an e-asthma attack.

Ok, much better. Those who can, ride. Those who can't, donate!

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