Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's been a year?

Has it seriously been a whole year since this?

Since pigtails? And pot bellies? And pot bellies that turned out to be many, many tumors?

Has it really been 365 days since Eve's pediatrician felt that life-changing lump?

I guess times flies when you're having chemo.

We had a Dr. Seuss themed party on Saturday. (Eve loves all things Seussy.) That's why we went ahead and ate cake first. Dr. Seuss-approved wonkiness. He would have wanted us to eat dessert at 10 a.m., I just know it.
After lunch, we headed out to the state fair. Last year, we went the day before Eve's diagnosis.

(Again, I thought the big belly was a result of the corn dog and fries. I know I can't button my pants after a day of fair food...I should really just wear sweat pants to the fair.)

This year, she has not only eaten more corn dogs and french fries, but grown enough to be able to ride the roller coasters.

I think next year she'll be able to see what's going on.

YOU might be able to see her next year, too.

And did I mention, I need more cut-outs in my life?

And could any of you Photoshop these into The Captain and Tennille?

The best bang for your ticket is the Ferris Wheel. It takes about fifteen minutes to ride, and you get to see some of the 131,000+ people who showed up at the fair over the weekend.

Can you believe over 131K people and just ONE vendor sells Krispy Kreme Burgers?!? Yeah, me neither. But I'm going back on Saturday to eat one. Add bacon and cheese.

We also got to see my fair cake. I let Natalie and Daniel pick out the colors and tell me how to decorate it.
I got second place; I'll keep Nat and Dan on as consultants next year. I pay them in neon fondant, which makes for some interesting colored drool. I think I won $15 dollars, which means I can buy fourteen tacos at my favorite restaurant, with tax.

And at the end of the night, my mom bought me ice cream. Food = love. I am going to get fat, but I don't care.

We got home after 10 p.m. I think we finally found a way to wear the kids out.

(Although, I do think Benadryl is still less cost-prohibitive.)

Sunday was Eve's real birthday. We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 at the dollar movie. It's funny how the popcorn and drinks cost three times as much as the tickets. And we're the cool parents who let their kids eat nothing but popcorn for dinner. Because you don't gotta eat your veggies on your birthday. Or protein, for that matter.

Today, we celebrated Eve's birthday at preschool. I helped Nat make Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes this morning to take into class. She was armed with icing and a bag of blue cotton candy.

And we even used canned icing. You know why? Because I like it, gosh darn it. And I'm not embarrassed to say so. I think I've just OD'd on buttercream. Now someone come up with some baconcream or even nachocheesecream, and I'll give that a go.

It was hard to give a kid a bag of cotton candy and not let her eat it, but somehow I managed. Maybe it was because I knew she'd go on to eat three cupcakes, one Snickers bar, and two bags of Skittles today. (That's fruit [flavoring]...and peanuts are protein, right? *Polishes Mom of the Year medal.*)

I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! -Dr. Seuss

That's right, Doctor. I've got a big bat with the name Wilms all over it.


  1. popcorn is a good grain for dinner. that's what i had tonight.

    (((HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY EVE!!!)))

  2. Happy Birthday Eve!!!

    I wasn't planning on going tho the fair this year what with the 131k people and the traffic (I had a drs appt the other day near Rex and it took 45 minutes to get there, usually only takes 10!) It wasn't too appealing. However I might have to go to get a good look at that amazing cake!

  3. Happy Birthday Eve♥
    sounds like a great time by all

  4. That was one of our favorite cakes at the fair! Didn't realize it was yours. But cupcakes with cotton candy? Now that's a treat! Wish I would have been there to celebrate. Miss you guys!

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Eve. That video has to be the cutest thing EVER!

    Your cakes and cupcakes are amazing Christy. You also made me hungry by the talk of the baconcream and the nachocheesecream but I think combining the two would be even better!

  6. So glad Eve had a few great celebration days :) She more than deserves it!!!