Monday, October 25, 2010

Work hard, play hard.

We worked hard for a while. Time to go back to the fair on Mission EAT.

The free juice from the Ocean Spray people is always a highlight. I mean, it's free juice!

But the fried Oreos are...well, fried Oreos.
Talk about truth in advertising.
I really wish I could tell you that this was our first time eating these. But my take on it all is, hey, it's fair time! It comes once a year! It's about the same thing I say when my family throws me disgusted looks as I eat all the turkey skin at Thanksgiving.

Sometimes it's hard to contain your excitement. Either that, or she's got heartburn.
Eve was pretty much into anything that was battered and fried. She comes by it honest.
I hope they don't find out one day that this fair food causes cancer. That would really suck the fun out of my fried cheese.
And here is the infamous Krispy Kreme Burger. I'm really not so sure why everyone has their panties in a wad about this thing. I wouldn't judge you if you went into a Krispy Kreme and ate two donuts. And added a burger. And maybe some nacho cheese and bacon.

What's the big deal? I mean, I'm going to eat these foods over the course of a day, anyway. It's called efficiency.

But I'm all about portion control. Half of a Krispy Kreme Burger plus half of a corn dog plus three-quarters of fried cheese is more than reasonable for the kind of week I'm making up for. (I ate salad twice last week.)

Only Daniel could be surrounded by this much food and still walk around the fair crying, "I'm hungry!"

Stop eyeing my burger, Dan.

The official Christy Griffith 2010 Favorite Fair Treat Award goes to the people tucked away behind the gardens who look like they are probably peddling Ball jars of moonshine under the table. They sell something called an Apple Freezie, which is basically frozen cider. I felt pretty healthy eating it, and mildly upset that Eve kept hogging it. She gets away with these things because she only has a part of a kidney left. The other fully-kidneyed children do not get to share Mommy's Freezie.

And we saw some animals, too, in between all that eating. But they were animals that would eventually wind up battered and fried in some capacity.

After the fair on Saturday, Matt and I went to a Halloween party. We went as Robert Palmer and one of the random girls playing guitar behind him.
Turns out, it is pretty hard to look detached like those women in the video, so I had to silently lament the premature disposal of my Krispy Kreme Burger to get in character.

I can assure you we were all well-behaved that night.

Sunday afternoon was the neighborhood kids' fall festival. They got to dress up in their Halloween costumes and get their faces painted. Natalie and Eve were witches who apparently didn't want witch-hat hair, so they went without. Without the witch hat, a witch costume looks very similar to what I picture a German barmaid wearing.


Daniel is Buzz Lightyear. And he scores extra points for wanting to wear the same costume Santa Claus gave him last Christmas that he has been wearing every week since. Which is good, because I think we spent his costume money on fried food at the fair, anyway.

But, when you play hard, you gotta eventually stop the fun and games and get back to work again. Which is perfect, since our dishwasher decided to call it quits.

Why on earth do we have so many glasses??

And just as I start to complain to myself about dishpan hands, Eve comes in and gives me something else to do that won't require me to keep my hands submerged in water.

Eve, you have no idea how many times that missing kidney has saved your hide.


  1. Okay, most of the food you talked about made me feel pretty hungry...with the exception of the Krispy Kreme burger. GAG! Maybe if I doused it with some of the nacho cheese then it would be all right. :-)

    Love your costumes and the kids as well. Alyssa is kinda like Daniel and has agreed to wear her Cinderella dress that she pretty much uses every single day. Score! HaHa.

  2. looks like you had the gel color container tops screwed on pretty tight. that would have made for an awesome memory shot.

  3. My top favorite post to date!! You were dead on about Dan. He was totally checking out your savory treats.