Thursday, May 6, 2010

Remember me?

You know you visit the pediatrician a lot when you call to schedule an appointment and you are identified before you identify yourself.

Here is the entire conversation:
Me: I need to schedule an appointment for Friday for a CBC.
Peds office: What time would you like to come in?
Me: 9:45.
Peds office: Okay, sure. 10/17/07, right?

So yeah, when the person who answers the phone has memorized your voice and your child's birthdate, I vote you should get a frequent-visitor discount.

Eve woke up around 10:00 last night and would not go back to sleep. Hey, it was Cinco de Mayo! Why fight it? Let's get her some guacamole and get this party started! I draw the line at margaritas, though, Eve.


  1. I also like to refer to Josh by his children's hospital record number, it's easier than getting them to spell our last name right.

  2. I want to turn Eve's hospital number into a showtune, like Jean Valjean in Les Mis, Prisoner 24601!

  3. You should definitely get a discount. Think of all the time you saved in that one phone call. :) It takes them less time to check you in AND they may never have to file Eve's chart away, so that must lead to a discount, right?

    Of course, soon they'll be missing you guys and soon after that you can return to near anonymity. :)