Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday was the day. Eve's last chemo day. Hip hip hooray! It was finally over with, although much more anti-climatic than I had anticipated. There was no ticker-tape parade, no high fives with the doctors, no straight answers to my questions.

The following is an excerpt of my conversation with the fellow in clinic yesterday:
So...umm...what do we do next?
"There will be scans."
How often will she have to be scanned?
"For a long time."
How long?"Very long."
Like, years?
How many years?"Many years."
Like, 5 years?
Maybe more?"Maybe until she's 10."

Well that cleared things up, Doc.

5 down, 0 to go. Let today be the first day of the next eight years the rest of our lives.

We walked around Duke Gardens afterward. Daniel picked up a stick (he must always carry a stick whenever outdoors) and repeatedly informed me, "Look, Mommy! I have a big stick!" But he can't exactly say the "st" sound; it comes out more like a "d." If only he would learn to speak softly while carrying said big stick.

Today, I pumped Eve full of Zofran and we chilled out around the house. Before bedtime, we asked Daniel to clean his room. Aww...

Smart move, Dan. I, too, would just quit and pass out before even trying to tackle this toynado that apparently touched down in your room.

Search seemed a little disappointed that Destroy called it a night so early.


  1. Isn't it just so odd, where they say "Ok, chemo is over, now go be normal."

    Of course she's still "on" chemo because the cycle hasn't ended yet. Even so...you're relieved, but not, right?

    Congratulations, sort of?

  2. I will come over and give each of you a BIG high-five! Congratulations for making it through the hard part; now if you can remember what "normal" life was like! :-)

  3. Yeah, our final chemo was very run of the mill, no bells, whistles, hurrahs. And...I think being off treatment has almost been harder than actually being on it.

    Just so you know what maybe to expect, we scan every 3 months.

  4. It is hard to be done with chemo. Jackie just finished about 6 weeks ago. (I know you all fom the list serve.)People often think we should be glad to be done. There is comfort in chemo. I still kinda feel like, "OK What's next?" We will continue to pray for you all.
    Hollie Greene
    mom to Jackie Wilms Stage III UH