Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I -heart- fried chicken.

Tonight, our friends and friends-of-friends made Chick-Fil-A look like a clown car. It was packed! We couldn't even find a parking spot.

Matt dropped me, Nat, and Dan off to go eat inside. Good luck finding a seat! Dan found his best friend from preschool and sat down with her. He told me earlier that he wanted to marry another girl in his class, and when I asked why not Cammie, he said, "Because Cammie is my friend. We don't marry our friends."

Eve was sentenced to the van on account of the neutropenia and all. (We're trying to make it through this whole mess with a trophy that says, "I was never hospitalized for a fever or infection!") A Dr. Seuss DVD and some french fries made the trip a little more exciting for her. Thank you to Jo of Jo's PhotoMojo for taking these pics, and not taking pics of the floor of my van, where the remains of two bags of popcorn and many, many lab sheets and encounter forms are laid to rest.
I want to thank Chick-Fil-A for hosting an Eve Griffith night.
And also a big thank you for keeping the full-fat mayonnaise stocked.
We have totally awesome friends who organized this event, and lots of totally awesome friends who spread the word. Thanks, guys! Remember to join Team Eve on Facebook by clicking here. And if you are interesting in Jo taking some pictures that may later be entered into evidence with your cardiologist, become a fan of Jo's PhotoMojo, too.

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  1. yes, you do have totally awesome friends and i can't wait to meet them all sunday. and to eat some messy chef pastries..i want to do the sugar dance.