Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Boys Allowed

For Natalie's 6th birthday party, it was clear from the get-go that there were no boys allowed. The exceptions being if you were of blood relation or enjoy wearing a dress.

The theme? Outdoor tea party.

But it's so hot and humid, it's been changed to an Iced Tea Party.

You have to practice eating teeny-tiny tea sandwiches with your pinky up. We had lots of food so we could do a lot of practicing.

Of course, you have to be very dainty and make sure you do nothing to mess up your fancy dresses.

And whatever you do, be gentle with the hammock. It's unlady-like to swing like Tarzan from tree to tree.

And don't forget to bake an auxiliary cake...

In case you didn't think to leave space on the cake for candles.

Take small bites. Pinkies up!

Natalie's actual birthday isn't until May 31st, but it's a pretty busy day with school and dress rehearsal for her dance recital. We decided to go out for birthday dinner the day before. She kind of has a thing for Mellow Mushroom, and Matt and I kind of can never say no to pizza.

As I was inhaling my food, I realized we hadn't been here since Nat's last birthday, when Eve had no hair and was hurling salt shakers at innocent bystanders.

(Pigtails are kind of a big deal.)

These were Eve's first pigtails since October 2009. She does get a lot of compliments on her hair nowadays, though. Where did you get her hair cut? It's fabulous! Umm, Duke.

The excitement of a giant cinnamon-sugar-honeyed pizza crust face kind of faded this year...but maybe it only looked that way because we were much better eaters this year. To-go box? Only if you're going to find something we didn't eat to put in it.

But being good eaters didn't stop us from eating the entire giant cinnamon-sugar-honeyed pizza crust face.

And when the waiter came by to say Happy Birthday!, Natalie responded, "Today's not really my birthday." I felt like I got caught trying to scam the system. But her birthday's tomorrow, I swear! This is really a birthday celebration! Do you honestly think I'd bring these three kids out to a restaurant at the same time if we didn't have a really good reason?

But today, after days of celebrating, we could officially wish Natalie a very happy 6th birthday.

I went to Nat's class to volunteer this morning. Turns out the air conditioner in the school broke. It was about ninety degrees and humid in the classroom, and all of the children were sucking down water bottles and sweating like they were sitting inside a classroom that was ninety degrees and humid.

Trying to help kindergarteners with crossword puzzles while sweat is rolling into your eyes is my idea of fun. If only I had wrapped myself in Saran Wrap, I could have sweated off a few inches in true European Body Wrap style.

Happy Birthday, Natalie! Let's go home early and liberally reapply deodorant.


  1. Happy birthday, Nat! Sounds like you guys had a great celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday Natalie. Looks like you had a great time.
    Kristal Hart