Monday, May 2, 2011

End of the Fast, Start of the Feast

You may have noticed you didn't read about me indulging at Taco Bell from Ash Wednesday on. That's right---

I gave up Taco Bell for Lent.

Thankfully Eve did not have to go to Duke during Lent, because the stop at Taco Bell on the drive home is a sacred ritual between me and my daughter. SACRED!

It took us until this Friday after Easter to finally break the fast. I can't justify spending money on food when I have leftovers from Easter that I will force-feed my family meal after meal until it's gone. Ham biscuits are good no matter the time of day, and I don't care if you just had one for lunch.

I wish I had my camera on when I told Eve we were going to Taco Bell. I can only liken it to a fairy getting over-excited and exploding, leaving nothing but glitter and sass all over the place. She knows exactly what she wants to eat: one Crispy Potato Soft Taco and one Crunchy Taco. So I can fill her up pretty good for less than two dollars, tax included.

Luckily Eve's friend, Ella, has a mommy who loves Taco Bell just as much as Eve's mommy loves Taco Bell, so it's easy to convince one another to meet for a Taco Bell lunch. You know, for the girls.

And for the record, she CAN and DOES eat all that food. Too bad Taco Bell hasn't realized how much money they're losing by not having birthday party packages with the Griffith women alone.

The one thing that makes it a little easier as far as dealing with anxiety about this Friday's scans is the thought of post-clinic Crispy Potato Soft Taco.


  1. Next time we get together it needs to be for a taco bell playdate. My kids love Taco Bell too (which I often use as the excuse for why we hit up the drive thru all the time). HaHa.

    Will be praying and sending positive thoughts for Friday's scan. Hope Eve enjoys her crunchy potato soft taco afterwards!

  2. Will say prayers for a NED scan on Friday. Taco, taco, taco...

  3. Bravo to you for going without "thinking outside the bun" for such a long period! I've hatched a plan...I found a Taco Bell on the east side of Nashville to meet for lunch someday. Nashville is the half-way point between Broken Arrow, OK and Apex, NC...Google and Mapquest did a fine job of helping me out on this one! I figured the drive for each of us to be about eight hours one way, so if we both leave by 4am, we can meet for lunch at noon...say, next Wednesday? ; ) Hee-hee!

    I also voted in your poll. I tried to hold the control key on my computer so I could have "all of the above," but it wouldn't let me. I thought of another option...running around the neighborhood inhaling all your neighbors lawn chemicals and least that is what I did to try and give Sicily cancer! Actually, I forced her to get lice so I could use RID on her...twice! The cancer cells REALLY like that! Sorry, I'm at a very synical stage in this process, can you tell? I know you understand! ; )

    I will be praying fervantly for Eve's next scans!
    Sending tons of love and hugs from Oklahoma!