Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Griffith kid is losing their hair...

The Triangle CureSearch Walk was great. And by great, I mean completely awesomer than anyone thought it would be. I want to dedicate a full-on post with numbers and pictures and all that jazz, but tonight is not the night for that...yet.

Facebook friends can tell you that my wall has turned into Childhood Cancer Fundraising Central. But you know what? We're going to keep doing it, until not another parent has to be told, There's nothing more we can do for your child.

Daniel is taking the lead on this next one. He'll be shaving his head in Eve's honor at the St. Baldrick's event at Napper Tandy's. Check out his sweet mug here. And don't forget that every dollar counts, especially when we're talking about the kids. The child you save today might very well grow up to become the doctor who saves you, the adult, tomorrow.


  1. "DANIEL...YOU ROCK!!!" If I could just reach through the computer screen, I'd cover his cute little face with bright red lipstick kisses like some crazy aunt from the 1950's. Do me a favor, Christy...let Eve be my stand in. I know she can pull this off! You might cover your furniture with plastic first, but I say let her have at it! She can go a shade lighter and don hot pink...Sicily would've liked that! ; ) I think about you guys all the time and can't wait for another reason to be in your company again!

  2. Hi Christy,
    Wondering if you ever received my youtube story on the Ronald McDonald House and the winner of the Westminster Dog Show "Hickory". I thought you might enjoy it.

  3. Just found this link through the Blanket Fairy, on Facebook. I so hope, that Eve is doing very well after the completion of her treatment. I became the mom of a Wilms child on January 4, 2011. My son's name is Abram, and he was diagnosed with Stage 2 Wilms. They successfully removed the tumor and his left kidney on January 7. He is now undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy. I think it is wonderful that you are using this site to chronicle your daughter's journey. We have used caringbridge to do so for Abram. It has been a real blessing. If you are curious it is I will continue to follow your daughter's story!

    Blessings and Very Best Wishes!,
    Kelly A. Gingrass

  4. Kerry- miss you! Can't wait to see you again! Dan is honoring his local friends with cancer, although I did search for Sicily and couldn't find her...if you do put her up, let me know and we'll add your sweet angel. Maybe I'll give you a call next week just to shoot the shit!

    Kelly- thanks for Abram's CB page. We look forward to following his journey.

    I propose at 12 noon EST on Saturday, everyone raises a pint to cucking fancer!