Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sick and/or tired.

Matt's mom had a party for Eve on Saturday to celebrate the end of her treatment. Between the party last month at my parents' and the one yesterday, Eve thinks she's been having birthday parties, and why wouldn't she? There's cake! Presents! People thisclose to pinching your cheeks!

Nat and Dan understand what these parties are for. "It's because Eve is done with chemotherapy and it's because we are SuperSibs!" Eve, however, has no idea she was ever sick. And I hesitate to use the word sick because I just don't remember her being that way. I like to say I'm a healthy person who happens to have diabetes. Eve always seemed like a healthy kid who happened to have cancer.

It's kind of funny, because we definitely get used to whatever we are around. I have this screensaver on my computer that goes through every album on my hard drive and randomly displays pictures. When Eve lost her hair, I would see pictures of her with pigtails and think, That's not Eve. It doesn't even look like her. My Eve is bald! She's got a nice, round head!

And now the pictures are popping up that make me go, WOAW! Who's the cancer kid?? That's not my EVE! My Eve has hair! My Eve has eyelashes!
My Eve is tired. Partying can wear you out.
But, better to be tired than sick AND tired.

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  1. we have the same setup for our screen saver. phil just added another handful of photos and when one popped of gwyn in the middle of her treatment, i said out loud, "wow, i don't remember her looking like that". phil said "yeh, when we went out i used to think..i wonder if people know she has cancer?" and, by the way people make comments about our choices in hair cuts and clothing for our *boys going through freedom of color and gender identity in fashion choices* i would say phil was right. people don't have a clue what the face of childhood cancer looks like.