Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eve, the littlest Munster.

The kids and I have been playing in the river near my sister-in-law's house with their cousins. The water is warm and much resembles a giant vat of sweet tea. It makes me want biscuits and fried chicken. The only reason I do not partake in said biscuits and fried chicken is because I am wearing a bathing suit and am already sucking it in as it is.

Daniel is insanely excited to go pee in the river. Another reason not to drink the water, kiddos.
And you know Eve's ANC must be high enough for me to let her get down and dirty like this. I didn't even pack any sanitizer. (We're totally livin' on the edge. Now where the heck is my jean jacket?)

(By the way, this was the swimsuit Eve was wearing when people were asking how old my son was.)

I am happy to report that Eve is a terribly-terrible two-year-old. The hair is getting longer, and as you may remember from a previous lesson, the longer the hair, the less crap you get away with. (Speaking of crap, anyone know how long it should take for a cupcake wrapper to make its way through the pipes? Eve has eaten two of these and a stick of gum in the past few days. I promise I am offering the girl real food.) I am happy that Eve is alive and has the energy to be so terrible. So terribly, terribly terrible. I must keep in mind that no matter what she scribbles on with a Sharpie, no matter what U.S. currency she flushes down the toilet, no matter how much yogurt she smears in her sister's hair, she's with us in the flesh being absolutely terrible. I love my little Munster.

But seriously- Nat and Dan, if you try any of that stuff, you are in BIG trouble.


  1. oh mama! we have twins separated at birth. i bet these two could put the squeeze on some organizations by sunset.

  2. I still haven't decided when the "Josh is allowed to ice cream for meals" rule is supposed to be rescinded.

    Josh's don't forget I am three phrase of the moment when he is in trouble is "Stop talking! Just stop talking to ME!"

  3. Oh my!! Yes, Munster is a good word for it. Julia has not been a big fan of the newly instituted discipline plan in our house. She was 2 when dx, then has coasted on the chemo card for the past year. She doesn't ever remember limits or boundaries.

    Now we have a 4yr old who lets me have it as often as possible. Talk about sass! And tonight she actually chomped a big bite out of her brother's back. Biting for the 1st time at 4?! But tomorrows scan day and can't ground her from that, unfortunately. Oh, the complexities of this crazy cancer life :) So blessed they are here with us!!