Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Constituents of Wilmsville.

In what way will Christy use her nacho cheese while emotionally eating?

27% of you said With a 2 lb. bag of round corn chips.
29% of you said With any piece of food that is not already covered in ranch dressing.
44% of you said With a spoon, while listening to Foreigner.

I have to admit that 100% of you were 100% right. No wrong answers this time around.

But this begs the question, why the emotional eating in the first place?

Take a look at the list of kids on the right side of this blog. Some are in remission. Some are suffering through relapses. Some didn't make it.

I will be sending a new story each day to the members of Congress we met with at Reach the Day. I don't know how anyone can ignore these faces. Get ready, Congress. Break out your nacho cheese, because tears will be a-flowin'.


  1. Please add David to the list--

  2. oh, he's there--as "the boy"

    But you can call him David.

  3. Haha, I will change that! I didn't know if you wanted to keep his name private or not. So long, the Boy, welcome David.

  4. Thanks Christy for doing this and acting on all our behalf! "The squeaky wheel..." well, you know the rest. I pray we are so loud they have no choice but to oil our requests! :)

  5. Thank you for compiling and sharing all of these!! Did you get connected through the ACOR site? I never was successful. We are having a lot of frustration lately with Julia's lingering side effects and doctor struggles. This would probably be my best place to get advice and support. Any guidance in where to go would be great :)

  6. Amber- I was finally able to get on it a few months ago. Before that, the link I was using kept saying the page did not exist. It's tricky sometimes!

  7. I was forwarded the link for your blog by my new found friend Candy Morton. We met at Duke. My daughter Piper was diagnosed on her 1st birthday (3.2.11) with bilateral wilms tumor. It wasn't a complete shock to us because she was also born with aniridia. However, it's never easy to hear... I have enjoyed reading some of your blog. It will give me something else to read while sitting in the hospital ... being so bored. Piper has finished 12 weeks of chemo, and her surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th. I look forward to reading all of Eve's story. Thanks for sharing your journey!!!

    Melissa Bell