Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiss me, I'm contagious!

Sometimes time gets away from me. Sometimes I get ahead of it.

I made a point to put a green hairbow in Nat's hair before she left for ballet. When my friend arrived to pick Natalie up, I noticed she was wearing a green shirt. After getting Nat in the van and waving goodbye, I went inside like any normal person on St. Patrick's Day and got myself and the remaining kids dressed in green.

When my friend returned with Natalie, I made a comment about our matching green shirts to which she seemed only mildly thrilled about. Nat came inside, we got her dressed in green, and dropped her off at a preschool friend's St. Patty's Day party.

Dan, Eve, and I returned to the house, made some green milk, and enjoyed a lunch consisting of various green foods. We picked up Natalie and got back a few minutes before Matt got home. Dinner was on the table, Matt had just arrived, and we all sat down to eat. I made a comment to the kids along the lines of, Is Daddy wearing anything green? No? You get to pinch him!

At this point in the story, Matt looks at me like I've morphed into Harry freakin' Potter or something, and says, "Why would they need to pinch me?"

Me: Because it's St. Patrick's Day!

Natalie suddenly chimes in. "Mom, today is the 16th. St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow."

And just as suddenly, so many things started to make sense.

The real St. Patrick's day welcomed me with both a cold and some intense allergy issues. My nose is currently in the unique position of having the left nostril constantly running, while the right remains stopped up. I can't get my contacts in because of the intense itching to my eyes, so it's Coke-bottle glasses for the next few weeks. I look like I feel, so do me a favor and skip the "How are you doing?" nicety when you see me. Lie to me and tell me how good I look.


  1. Oh no!!! It's kind of sweet, actually. I hope you took some pictures! ;)

  2. Haha. I love it. Totally something I would do.