Friday, March 26, 2010

Aww, Chemosabe.

First things first: the chandelier is fixed. The washing machine appears to be working. Our van had a light come on that would not go away, so that's being repaired today. And Eve still has cancer. Good, you're all caught up!

We rode in our 1997 Nissan Sentra out to Duke, which gets smaller each time I get inside. I have become reliant on the DVD player in our minivan, and was at a loss today when Eve kept crying in the backseat of the car. Matt put it ever-so-gently when he said, "Do you know how to calm your child down, or do you only know how to aggravate her?"

Eve didn't make counts today, so no chemo. Her ANC was in the 400s, and it needs to be at least 750 to get zee drugs. We will try again on Tuesday. But it's cool, I had nothing else to do today but go to Duke. At least next week I'll be able to put on Kai-Lan to drown out the screams on the way out there.

While we were at clinic, Natalie and Daniel were at preschool participating in general merriment. Nat and I made our annual Griffith '70s Easter bunny head cakes last night to send into school for their parties:
('Cause nothing shouts HAPPY RESURRECTION, JESUS! like decapitated bunnies.)

Still 2 down, 3 to go.


  1. the bunnies get better every year !

  2. Very cute! Doe Wite was on the other night and I thought about you. I'm sure you know all the dialogue. That's when film making made sense.

  3. So who is your baby daddy? She is just YOUR child now???? Hahaha I am glad things are being fixed at the Griffith house. I hope Eve's numbers come up by Tuesday. Tom proudly announced to the class that the cake was made by Messy Chef and he loves her cakes. You are famous in our house. Amen on the bunny connection to Jesus' ressurection. I am going to go google that now....

  4. You crack me up Christy. Very cute bunnies, by the way. Hope you get to enjoy the weekend.


  5. your posts never fail to make me laugh. i love the bunnies. :-)

  6. Decapitated bunnies!! ROTFLMAO!!

    Those are cute and I bet they taste fantastic!