Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to get your washer fixed in 3 easy steps

  1. Have washing machine in disrepair. Have it not fixed during a service call in October 2008.
  2. Call back in January 2010 about same problem plus some new ones and get stood up by repairmen. Blog about the experiences with key words such as Sears, repairman, and inconvenience.
  3. Enjoy repaired washing machine in March 2010.
For those of you who were following our Sears soap, the repairman did come out to our house last month to install the parts that were ordered. Unfortunately, they were not the parts that needed to be replaced and we had to wait for the correct parts...which were on back order. And I get suspicious when anything is on back order. Have so many machines had this problem that they can't keep up with demand for new parts? Or is the Maytag man working at the Kenmore parts plant and he's just lolly-gagging around?

But a big thank you to the very nice repairman who came out this morning and fixed our washer. And a bigger thank you for having us first on the list! I was floored that he showed up not even 30 minutes into our time window. I was sure he was going to be on Duke time. I admit there were some words eaten this morning on my end.

So you might be able to guess my answer to the following question:
What is the best part about having cancer?
of you said blogging about it in a wildly inappropriate way.
27% of you said the baked ziti that your friends will bring to you.
16% of you said playing the "cancer card."

I know the following things about the audience who reads this blog:
55% realize blogging can actually get things done, like maybe get a major appliance serviced.
27% are not lactose-intolerant.
16% are late for their Sickos Anonymous meeting.

I apologize for leaving out an option for the actual best thing about cancer: The money saved on conditioner.


  1. I'm tired of being an anonymous sicko.

    One of the things that being a cancer mom has taught us is that we don't need to be sorry for pretty much anything, and that people need to forgive us, and if they don't, they can go jump off a bridge.

  2. I wish this were Facebook so I could click the "like" button.

  3. (logical mommy's post)i secretly have that card in my head and visually, there are a lot of people that did not survive the fall.