Friday, January 29, 2010

Bring the pain, but don't forget to bring the drugs.

Matt got about 5 minutes of sleep last night before he was called into the PICU from the waiting room. "Mr. Griffith...Eve is asking for her daddy."

So, like Jack Bauer who laughs in the face of eating, sleeping, and peeing, he and Eve had their own Dora the Explorer marathon. All. Night. Long.

Thankfully she was moved from the PICU to the floor this morning on account of her extreme awesomeness.  And don't you forget it.

Eve received fentanyl every hour for pain, but it makes her randomly jerk, which causes a lot of pain in the abdomen. We finally got her switched over to morphine, but it still doesn't last as long as we would like it to. Tylenol up the booty doesn't seem to do a whole lot, so we're going to try some Tylenol with codeine and see if that won't knock out the pain and perhaps let her rest. She hasn't really been asleep for any length of time since she had surgery.

The arterial IV line is gone. The other IV is in place so Eve can get her drugs. Drugs are important. Today is supposed to be her most painful day.

The NG tube came out this morning. On an unrelated note, grocery stores report a sharp decline in pesto sales. Eve's catheter is also gone. Lots and lots of nice, light yellow lemonade! Hmm....what other foods or drinks can I ruin for you?

And with the removal of the pulse-ox monitor that was taped to her toe, the only thing left tethered to Eve is her saline drip going in through the port. That only needs to stay in until she decides to start drinking something. Anything! The child is not a fan of the clear liquid diet. She seemed mildly interested in popsicles.

Do you want a popsicle?
Yes, want popsicle.
What color popsicle do you want?
[Nurse brings pink popsicle. Eve takes two licks, a small bite, and puts it down.]
Are you all done?
No. I want popsicle.
Here's your popsicle.
No. I want new popsicle.
What color popsicle do you want?
[Nurse brings orange popsicle. Eve takes one lick and puts it down on top of the pink popsicle.]
Are you all done?
No. I want new popsicle.
Here is an orange popsicle and here is a pink popsicle.
No. I want purple.
[Nurse brings purple popsicle. Eve seems to prefer this flavor and works on it for about 2 minutes before putting it down on top of the orange popsicle.]
All done!

3 minutes later...

Do you want to take a nap?
I want blue popsicle!

Good thing she's still on fluids.

I had a good idea to open up a new bag of Dum-Dums to try to get her thirsty. I mean, I thought it was a good idea. She always seems to want water after eating the things, but today was apparently an exception. Popsicles...take two! But this time with your Dum understudies. Action!

Right now we are on our 6th straight viewing of "Dungle Book." Mowgli has temporarily replaced Doe Wipe on Eve's top two list. I have finally learned to appreciate Disney's FastPlay "feature" which makes it loops over again and again. Although I still can't channel my inner 12-year-old and appreciate the Jonas Brothers video after the movie. Or the twenty previews and special features. But, these are the things I do for my kid. Otherwise, I'd have to get up and figure out how to work the DVD player.


  1. Sounds like a true fighter. Wants what she wants when she wants it! Thinking of you all!

  2. photo caption for last photo:

    This is how I roll. Bring me another Dum Dum!