Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eve -hearts- Duke

We love sick kids.

Wait a second.  That sounds weird.

Take two: we love sick kids, but hate that they are sick.  We want to help them not be sick.  Sick sucks.

There.  That sounded awesome!

Any reason your child has to be in the hospital- whether it be cancer, genetic disorders, premature delivery, epilepsy, organ transplant, heart problems, or anything else equally terrifying- is a reason you need to be in a great hospital.  We've felt our hours logged at Duke were successful hours for our family.  We hope your kid never, ever needs to go there.  We hope you'll only have to visit the emergency room for fun stuff, like shoving rocks too far up your nose.

But some of you out there are like us.  And we hope you'll consider donating to the place that gave Eve a happy ending, so other kids can get their happy endings, too.

Please watch this video, then watch it again with the speakers turned even louder so all your coworkers can hear, then click on this link, then enter in every credit card number you and your coworkers have and help Eve reach her goal by Valentine's Day.

Because she's got amazing pigtails now!  And every dollar you give helps every kid who has to come to Duke, no matter why they are there.  Eve would have told you those dollars were tax-deductible but that's a mouthful, even for her.


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