Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She can point her fingers AND do the twist.

Totally cute, right? Eve got this outfit (sans Dan's slippers) in the mail from one of her Chemo Angels. I'm not quite sure when I'm allowed to wash it since she doesn't want to take it off. "I'm a bow-wa-weena!"

And I'm hoping we'll get through the last chemo without any side-effects like neuropathy (or the slappy-foot). Look at her! She can go up, go down, get back up and turn around!

Today's fluff post was brought to you by the letter C.


  1. What a beautiful bow-wa-weena and dancer. Maybe she can get together with K&A and they can make up some more moves. :-)

  2. oh how i miss hanging out with all the Griffith children!!