Monday, April 26, 2010

Christy Bueller's Day Off

Saturday marked our 6th wedding anniversary. We got lots of well wishes, including an extra-special one from Scott S. of Raleigh, NC: "Congratulations! And to think nobody believed me when I said you would make it this far..."

Note the absence of gray hair, dark circles, and "baby weight."

With my parents in town to preside over Camp Kiddo, Matt and I left at lunch time to spend the whole day out of the house. And what a good day that was! I mean, I love my kids, but I also love going to the bathroom in private. Even if going to the bathroom in private means using a Port-a-John in public.

We headed out to the NC Museum of Art which had just reopened. Being away from the kids, it felt like we were playing hooky a la Ferris and Sloane. It was empowering, like the first woman to who wore really big shoulder pads must have felt.

There were dementors, but they didn't bother us.

We also seemed to be walking through a crime scene, but no one seemed too concerned.

After we managed to escape without tripping over anyone, we went to the World Beer Festival downtown to enjoy endless 2 ounce servings of tasty beverage. Which was the perfect pre-game event for our final destination...going to see The Breakfast Club at Lincoln Theater. They are one of our favorite bands who play nothing but 80s covers, and only the ones that you would know the words to. I'll be the first to admit that I have not kept up with any current music since high school, and am painfully aware that all the bands I go to see will probably be dead within ten years of natural causes.

While Matt and I were listening to the glory days of hair bands gone, Eve was apparently channeling her inner angry rock star who needs no stinkin' mic. Listen to her project! I had no idea the sandbox had such good acoustics.

She can start her own no-hair band.


  1. So glad I could touch your heart on your very special day. We had a great time at your anniversary cook-out, too, so I'm really sorry you couldn't make it.

  2. Glad you had a day off. And here I was thinking Sam and I were the only people over 30 who STILL go to see The Breakfast Club!

  3. Sounds like a dream come true! Glad you had a great anniversary!

  4. ha ha ha going to the bathroom alone! your so right that just doesn't happen in the house of griffith!

  5. They just had Molly Ringwald on the Today Show. She wrote a book about being in her 40s now. And I thought she was perpetually 15! Damn, if she's aging, that means I'm aging, too! Seriously. Glad you had a good day away and we'll have to check out that band some day when my hubby and I can get away.