Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey, you realize misspelled "recipes," right?

No, I didn't.  I was trying to spell receipts!  And I did!  Correctly!  I win at the proofreading!*

This is still supposed to be Let's Do Brunch: Vol. 1 of Non-Charleston Receipts.

What isreceipt, though?  It's just a really old word for recipe.  I trust you won't ask me what a recipe is.
But what does Charleston have to do with any of this?  Well, Charleston Receipts is America's oldest Junior League cookbook in print.
I know this because it's printed right there on the cover.   Each section in Charleston Receipts begins with an introduction in the "voice" of a housemaid. 
My cookbook has some colorful language but nothing that might read as a Br'er Rabbit soliloquy from Song of the South. 
So, in summation, Let's Do Brunch: Vol. 1 of Non-Charleston Receipts is aptly named because it is not the oldest Junior League cookbook in print.  Also because it's not racist.
-MRS. MATTHEW B. GRIFFITH (Christy Saunders)
*Except for the back cover where I sure did not print the correct Instagram handle and had to print stickers up to put over the mistake.  Other than that, I'm the best proofreader ever.  I'll probably have it right by the time Vol. 2 of Non-Charleston Receipts is printed.  Vol. 1 is going to be worth something someday, like an Upside Down Jenny!  And yes, I just compared my cookbook to a million-dollar stamp.  It's that amazing.

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  1. OMG! I love your asterisk! Because I immediately thought of that when I read your statement about proofreading!

    You're simply delightful! Looking forward to hearing from you soon... and no I haven't tried any receipts yet... but I did try the mustard - with pickles!