Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's September! Be aware! Be very aware! But also please do something! Exclamation point!

If you are friends with anyone on Facebook who has the unfortunate luck of being a childhood cancer parent, your newsfeed might already be filled with pictures of bald kids/pie charts of side effects/questionable clip-art of gold ribbons.

This is great!  It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! 

If you are friends with me on Facebook, I won't filling up your newsfeed with stuff you can know about cancer...I'd rather fill it up with stuff that you can do about cancer.  YOU CAN TOTALLY SIGN UP TO DO THE ULTIMATE HIKE WITH ME NEXT YEAR!  Sure, you can share someone's infographic about childhood cancer, but it would be cool if you raised money to change that infographic about childhood cancer.

I know the majority of people are way more afraid of the fundraising than they are the actual hiking.  Which I completely get.  Raising $2,500?  That's one hell of a commitment.  But what can that money do that your infographic can't?

$100 can provide a day's worth of lab supplies for Acceleration Initiative research.
$250 can fund 6.5 hours of Acceleration Initiative research.
$1,000 can fund an entire week of Young Investigator lab time.
$2,500 can help CureSearch support five children on clinical trials for 1-2 months.

Here's a quick breakdown of why you should give Ultimate Hike a shot right now:

You only have to pay a $100 fee to register, so after that, it's only $2400 left to raise! 

Did I mention you can register for next year's hike, like, right now?

So that's $2400 left to raise over...more days than I have fingers to count.  The first of next year's hikes is May 16.  You'd need a lot of fingers.

Take Ultimate Hike for a test drive.  You can sign up and don't have to recommit to the hike until five weeks before hike day.  So basically, if you sign up today and then come five weeks before your hike, you decide for one reason or another you can't participate, that's ok.  You don't have to recommit.  All the money you've raised still goes to childhood cancer research.  Everyone still wins.  Except maybe you, because I was seriously going to teach you how to pee in the woods.

If you decide you want to keep going and recommit to the hike, awesome!  Virtual high-fives all around!  You still have over a month after the hike to hit your goal.  WHICH SHOULDN'T BE AN ISSUE IF YOU JUST GO AHEAD AND SIGN UP RIGHT NOW. 

In conclusion, sign up for Ultimate Hike.  I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't personally do, so that's why I've already got my page up and running.  You can do this.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  YOU CAN DO THIS! 

And just think of all the tacos you can justify eating while training.  You can do that, too.

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  1. Love me some Taco Bell!! Just do it peeps!
    Signed, DQ