Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The very last preschool payment

...can now go directly to Duke!

Or more likely it went directly to the preschool and now we are free to redirect funds to the hospital.  But you get the point.  My Taco Bell budget may have slightly increased as well.


After the graduation ceremony, Eve got to play while I slowly realized that every other mom in line with their kids for the inflatable slide is talking about how they didn't believe their kids when said kids complained of sores in their mouths and days later figured out they indeed had hand, foot, and mouth disease.


So, not only do I get a few extra tacos each month, but now I am vindicated from bringing patient zero to preschool.  It's a pretty good day for me, even though it sounds like some other ladies are trying to steal my Mother of the Year thunder.  YOU ALL CANNOT BE POSITIVE IT WAS YOUR CHILD THAT BROUGHT HAND, FOOT, AND MOUTH TO PRESCHOOL.  STOP TRYING TO BRAG.

christy and eve

Eve is totally sad that her preschool teacher, Ms. Paige, won't be her kindergarten teacher.  Ms. Paige likes to give the kids multiple helpings of cake and passes down to Eve very nice clothing that wasn't purchased at places that also sell groceries.

eve paige

Eve's hand-me-downs are nicer than anything I have in my closet, and are also less stained.  Note-to-self: pre-treat shirts immediately after Taco Bell runs from now on.

Additional note-to-self:  Be more clear that by "Taco Bell runs," you do not mean what it looks like you might very well mean.  To be clear, I am not talking about poop.

Each parent was given a picture of their graduate with a sign that says what they want to be when they grow up.

when i grow up

I showed this to Eve's oncologists but haven't received any "Aww, oh my goodness that's the mostest sweetest thing I've ever seen!" discounts as of yet.  So I guess it's okay that Eve now wants to be a dentist.  Maybe they'll offer some free fluoride or something since Duke couldn't be bothered to throw in a discounted CT or anything.

Which brings me to CT scans.

what?  the last one??

Did I mention that Eve just had her last CT ever?  She was actually pretty upset later when I told her there would be no more rides in the donut machine.  Also, interesting to note that the unknown deity who is behind the red squiggly you-just-misspelled-something line thinks that donut is not a real word but donuts is.

last ct scan

She will still have ultrasounds and x-rays at each visit for the next couple of years but it's almost like cutting out the CTs means I can get even MORE tacos each month.  SCORE.

holding her breath

This is the last time Eve had to hold her breath while they check out her lungs.  It's kind of like a good substitute for the swimming lesson money that I spent at Taco Bell.

Just kidding.  She can swim.  And I can afford an eighty-nine cent taco without having to risk my kid drowning.  You know, because we don't have to pay for preschool anymore.

But for real.  There were victory tacos.

victory tacos

And they were goooood.  And I deny any link in the future that is found between Meximeat and cancer.  What's next, climate change?  Pfft.

With a whole month off between the end of preschool and the start of kindergarten, I filled in Eve's days with activities such as Safety Town, which is a camp that teaches kids to not run in front of moving cars and don't take candy from strangers and that green means go, red means stop, and yellow doesn't mean speed up, Mommy.

safety town

However, the only thing Eve remembers from her week of Safety Town is that we went out for lunch at the Olive Garden one day afterward and that the salad is like "seriously, totally awesome."  Money well-spent.

While Eve was gallivanting around with giant McGruffs and bottomless baskets of breadsticks, Natalie and Daniel were finishing up first and second grade.  And Daniel wanted to make sure he was handsome for the end of it all.

dan bowtie

I will happily safety pin any paper bow-tie he brings to me for the rest of his life.  Don't tell the girls, but when he's wearing a bow-tie, he's automatically my favorite.  And also when it's time to brush hair in the morning.

We all have favorites.  Mine change on a daily basis.  The only time it's a tie is when they are passed out.

I digress.

No, wait, I don't!  They are also all my favorite when it's the first day of school.

first day of school 2013

I can't believe it's Eve's turn to have a giant neon index card with semi-pertinent information safety-pinned to her shirt.

And go ahead and ask it: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOURSELF ALL DAY NOW THAT THE KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL?  This is not at all an obnoxious question to ask, right along with DID YOU PLAN TO HAVE YOUR KIDS THAT CLOSE TOGETHER?  (Because both Matt and I agree that it is definitely appropriate to ask about our sex life.  Perv.)

I'll tell you when I find something meaningful to do beyond throwing away my children's possessions unawares cleaning while they are at school.  But there will be blood Taco Bell since it's in the budget, now.  If Matt asks, it's probably listed under miscellaneous.

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