Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boy-Pattern Baldness

A message from Daniel to each and every one of you reading this, unless you have already opened up your wallets, in which case we say THANKS FOR KEEPING IT REAL FOR THE BALD KIDS!:

Eve's oncologists have been directly supported by St. Baldrick's research grants so you know THAT'S PRETTY AWESOME dot dot dot RESEARCH LEADS TO HAIR dot dot dot PLEASE DONATE.

It really is super easy.  Click here to visit Daniel's St. Baldrick's page and then lay it on him.  Because you love kids and you hate cancer, right?


  1. Not completely related but Daniels speech is sounding a LOT better than in previous videos. Not sure if you have him in speech therapy but whatever you're doing, its working.

    1. Thanks! He went to speech therapy last year. Money well spent. Now he can say his Rs so words like FORK don't sound so horrible when he's screaming them in a crowded restaurant.