Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snickers, bacon, tacos...oh my!

We have had a busy few weeks around here.  When you don't hear from me, it's because we're too busy being normal? not having cancer definitely being normal definitely being kind of almost normal.  It is easy to blog often when you are sitting in a chair in a hospital in a waiting room.  It is not easy to blog often when you invite your kids to make a birthday cake out of candy.  Have you tried to clean up after inviting your kids to make a birthday cake out of candy?

Cleaning up looked hard.  Have you tried to watch your mother-in-law clean up after inviting your kids to make a birthday cake out of candy?

Chocolate chip fudge cake with Snickers filling, covered in Kit Kats and M&Ms, with cookie pops = one whole pig must die to make enough insulin for dessert.

It took a long time to light those candles.  Matt's cake was the reason the hole in the ozone got bigger at the end of July, but thankfully the Snickers filling did not melt. Melty Snickers would be the end of me.  If I'm not breaking my molars on a frozen Snickers, I'm enjoying a room-temperature Snickers bought on impulse at the check-out because I deserve it since I power-walked all over a Super Walmart.  The only time you'll catch me eating a melty Snickers is if I've palmed it too long when I'm trying to hide it from my kids.

I know I'm not the only one here who has ducked below the kitchen counter to sneak a Snickers bar without sharing.  Except maybe you home-schooling parents.  You guys really seem to have your act together.

After we finally scrubbed the kitchen clean of powdered sugar and melted butter, I got it all greasy again.  I made 700+ cupcakes topped with 60+ pounds of icing.  I made French Toast & Bacon cupcakes with Maple Buttercream and Candied Bacon.  I made people fat and happy.  I made enough money to reach my fundraising goal for this year's Ultimate Hike.  I made five sentences in a row starting with "I made."

I am happy to get back into training for the Ultimate Hike as well as relieved that I reached my goal so now I can BEG YOU TO DONATE AND/OR JOIN TEAM EVE IN THE TRIANGLE CURESEARCH WALK!  I know, I've been confusing people lately with the two fundraisers, so let me clear things up: both the hike and the walk are raising money for CureSearch.  The CureSearch Walk is on September 8th.  It is open to anyone who wants to come and walk a mile or two and fund the cure to childhood cancer.  The Ultimate Hike is October 27th and is open to anyone who wants to come and hike 28.3 miles in one day and raise $2500 to help fund the cure to childhood cancer.  I am doing both, and I hope this answers your questions about why I am training every other day for a less than two mile walk.  BECAUSE I'M GOING TO EAT SPECIAL K FOR TWO MEALS A DAY AND GET SKINNY!

I know I'm not fat, but I do have the makings of an excellent beer belly.  Although I wouldn't be so quick to blame just beer; I've openly enjoyed more than my fair share of bacon, nacho cheese, and foie gras.  And while it's a very rare occasion that I do get to eat foie gras, I've always wanted to include it in a sentence with nacho cheese and bacon.  I would definitely order foie gras topped with nacho cheese and bacon and order a milkshake on the side and not count those calories because they are comfort food calories which everyone knows are only worth half because they are made with love and Crisco.

Matt took my picture every week through each pregnancy and I could make a flip book of my belly swelling up.
Me (pregnant with Daniel) and Natalie, however old 24 weeks + 3 months is.
Now I want to have him take my picture again each week, but hopefully the trend will reverse and I could make a flip book of my belly shrinking.  But my computer confiscates every image I upload and turns it into a  slideshow screensaver.  I don't necessarily want my beer belly profile popping up every five minutes when my computer is sleeping...I just kind of want to pretend like I'm in college and can eat Taco Bell and drink Miller Lite without consequence.

But I have to put on my big girl panties because it's a Duke day, and also because I don't fit into my old pants.  

Eve rocked it hard.  She took that IV without so much as a whimper and got her CT without contrast which means she didn't even need that IV anyway.

Her CT and ultrasound show that there is no evidence of disease, which is a good enough reason for me to go eat victory tacos.  That, and it was a Friday. 

That about sums the highlights up.  Let's see: Snickers, bacon, tacos, no cancer.  Yep!  You're up to date.

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