Thursday, August 9, 2012

I -heart- weirdos

Consider this your invitation to join Team Eve at the second Triangle CureSearch Walk!  No need to RSVP, just click here and register.  It's only $10 for adults and kids are free. The best part is, if you can't be there in person, it don't even matter.  You can sign up as a "virtual walker" and feel good about helping the bald kids.

Don't you want to join?  All the cool kids are doing it.  Smoking in the boys' room is out.  Joining Team Eve in the family restroom is in.  In case you missed the link embedded in the paragraph above, click I'M AN AMAZING PERSON WHO LOVES KIDS AND HATES CANCER AND WANT TO JOIN TEAM EVE, LIKE, RIGHT NOW!

Right now, we have some pretty amazing people who have signed up.  Every person that joins Team Eve will be getting a shout out [blog out?] and a random fact(s) about themselves here on the internets.  The CureSearch Walk website gives me an alphabetic list of these awesomebots, so here goes:

Jen Burch helped unwrap thousands of generic untoasted toaster pastries at our last CureSearch Walk, while making comments about beating people over the head with lewd objects.  Note: These people she wanted to beat were not CureSearch participants.

Jenni Causey patiently teaches my children how to play piano without the aid of bacon because she is a vegetarian.  I, however, derive much amounts of patience from the bacons.  This explains why she is skinnier than me.

Jen and Chris Ferrell always tell me to keep the change when they support my CureSearch bakesales and they somehow are always posting pictures of their twins, Trey and Emma, in a way that makes me think Jen is trying to upstage me in the Mom of the Year competition.  

Jessica Fields is a high school friend who directed me to the safest place for a family with young kids to get a cheese-steak (is that supposed to be hyphenated?) in Philly and that particular cheese-steak (again with the hyphen?) is still sticking to my ass.

Daniel Griffith is the middle child who will go through the recycling bin and turn its contents into art.

Eve Griffith is kind of the reason we're doing this.

Matt Griffith is much better at bathing the kids than I am.

Natalie Griffith is too busy reading Harry Potter to be reached for comment.

Aaron Hawkins is my husband's BFF and is willing to let me take pictures of him in assorted child-sized hats.

Brooke Howells was my maid of honor and may eat even more Taco Bell than I do.

Dianne Khin is one of two people who can get me to dance and always brings me Bath and Body Works hand soap.  She is the reason my hands smell like Coconut Lime Verbena even after I am elbows deep in bacon.

Ella Knapp once painted my carpet and is Eve's favorite Taco Bell date.

Jackie Knapp has probably heard many disturbing (and absolutely not true!) family stories from my kids during carpool.  She also made Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes with Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip icing for my birthday.

Steve Knapp is really tall.

Tyler Knapp knows that everyone is going to die when they're really old, like 28 or 29.  He has also driven to Africa.  It took fourteen days.

Susan Kochik gave my kids over 1,000 Dum Dums in one day.

Lauren Nichols just found out she has a Phil, not a Phyllis, in her belly.  My mother-in-law needs to return the pink baby hat she bought.

Alex Pittman showed up to our house after Eve's first chemo treatment wearing a viking hat, a Lakers jersey, and a giant clock around his neck.  I'd like to think he might have shown up like this even if Eve had not been diagnosed with cancer right before Halloween just to cheer us up.

Avana and Sullivan Pittman are the youngest foodies you will ever meet.

Robin Pittman doesn't judge you if you drink beer for breakfast at the beach because she knows you brought bacon and will share it and you can't judge someone who is sharing bacon.  Unless you are Jewish.  Then you're really gong to be pissed that I made creamed chipped beef for breakfast.

Joyce Saunders is my mom and she buys me Maryland blue crabs every summer.  She will also eat sushi with me, even if I insist on ordering the kind with cream cheese that is battered and fried and topped with mayonnaise sauce.  As if any other kind is worth ordering.

Twana Saunders is my aunt and she gave my dad one of her kidneys.  So yeah, top that.

Diane Simon bought a Team Eve shirt last year before she even knew me and that's how I knew she had good taste.

Brandy Smith is the other person who can get me to dance.  I made her make her own birthday cake because I'm a good friend.

Stephanie Swords is a high school friend who really has to stop posting about food because I'm learning that vicarious eating leads to IRL poundage.

Mike Thompson introduced me to Tom Collins in college before I acquired a taste for beer.  

Bob Thorne is the reason I log onto Facebook every day.  He is sometimes what you would refer to as "wildly inappropriate" when it comes to women's beach volleyball.

Emily Warenzak is my cousin whose face is forever recorded on an 8x10 Olan Mills portrait with her bottom lip sticking out, because apparently she didn't appreciate the awesomeness of her bloodline at the time.  And apparently, a picture with her lip sticking out was the best of the bunch that was captured at Olan Mills, which says just how photogenic my family is.

Thank you to everyone who has joined Team Eve so far!  I love each of you, even if you are weirder than me.  Which only two of you are.  And if you're wondering, it means you are.

And it's okay because I -heart- weirdos.

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