Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Le Port, Part Deux

I thought we had taken care of this already. Ports can flip when not stitched down, although it's very rare.

Rare. The next time I want to hear that word, it better be referring to that steak I'm treating myself to.

Guess who's port flipped again? I don't know what that child did, or how she flipped a port that was stitched to the muscle in her chest, but when I got her out of bed this morning, I got a case of the "ewwies" all over again.

The port was supposed to stay in until November, as long as Eve's scans are clean. I am bringing her to Duke on Friday for what was supposed to be her monthly port flush, but instead will probably be people either trying to manually flip the sucker or schedule us for surgery to remove it. I am not going to try to flip the port at home because I have no idea which direction to turn it, and I don't want to kink the tubing if I do not choose wisely.

(Plus, the whole thing kind of creeps me out.)

But, hey, it's not cancer!

I believe in signs. I believe this port wants to come out much like I believe God would not have put a Taco Bell so close to Natalie's school if He did not want me to send her there.

Follow the signs.