Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yolks: bane or boon for mankind?



Daniel paces around Christy as she tirelessly scrubs the dishes in the sink.  He waves a brightly colored piece of paper in her face, determined to give a paper cut in the eye.

                                   Mommy, look!

                                 What is it, Daniel?

                              I want this for my birthday- ALL of this!  Except for
                              the parts I scribbled out.  You don't have to do 

Christy takes paper and gives it a good look before going back to trying to scrub dried egg yolk off of Natalie's someone who shall remain nameless's plate.

                            You want ALL of this?  Do you have any idea how 
                             long this will take?  When am I going to do all of this?

                            You better get started now.

Close-up of paper with cake sketch.

Fairly certain that I have created three unadulterated cake monsters who bare their teeth at birthday season, I nodded and went back to that damn dried-on egg yolk.  I think sunny-side up eggs are the secret behind the pyramids.  I think egg yolks could fix that tourist trap in Pisa.

While Daniel may have intimated that he would prefer fondant figurines of his sketch, including a Mario who was tricky and dressed up in a green plumber's outfit while his crazy brother, Luigi, dressed up in a red plumber's outift while plumbers all over the world unite in harmony We don't wear OUTFITS!, I stuck to the original sketch, trusting that he would forget his crazy demands, much like I forget the agony of both childbirth and dried-on egg yolks.

The night before Daniel's birthday, the girls got out of bed and decorated the downstairs for him.  Then they told me I better have bacon in the house.  I'm not sure if the bacon demand was even related to Daniel's pending birthday.

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