Monday, May 7, 2012

Nacho Cheese

The kids got into the second school we wanted so...yay.  We didn't get to keep our current schedule so they'll be on a different track so...I'm okay with that.  Seriously, I don't even care when they go to school, as long as I'm not driving across town and I'm not expected to keep them home for three months all at once; I don't know that I could remember how to do that.  I would probably be really smelly because I can never figure out when to shower when my kids are home.  It's not fun when little people keep opening up the shower door and letting out all the heat and then poke you in your fluffy parts and ask how you got those stretch marks there.

So seriously, I'm overjoyed by the recent turn of events.  Year-round school + close[r] to home = less stinky Christy.  The kids go to school through the end of June, have a week off, and then start the next grade.  Normally we'd have the whole month of July off (which is always a reeeeeeeeeeeally long month, and you know I mean really long because of all those extra vowels), but now the kids will be off the first three weeks in August.  Which is totally rad because you get out of peak season at the beach.  Which means the first thing I did as soon as we got our track assignment was to book a place at the beach with a swimming pool so I could take a dip in case I started to get ripe.  Because chlorine is the answer to everything.  Get a cut?  Jump in the pool.  Pee in the pool?  Add more chlorine.  Covered in sand but pretending you didn't read the sign that says to shower before getting in the pool?  Get in the pool fast before anyone sees you.  Don't want your stretch marks examined in the shower?  Jump on in.

The smell of chlorine and sunscreen only rivals the smell of nacho cheese.

I'm not even sure how I got to nacho cheese right there.  Maybe someone can make a drinking game out of this blog and nacho cheese references.  You'd be sauced by March 2010!


  1. Love it. We should eat nacho cheese at a pool sometime together.

  2. So glad you are happy with your kids' assignments. After all this craziness for elementary school, I imagine college admissions will be a breeze!