Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's BOGO time

Firstly and secondly, I forgot to mention that Natalie doesn't have shark teeth anymore. A few weeks ago, she lost her first tooth.

And in the spirit of a tenacious over-achiever, she lost the second one an hour later.

Now, it's been explained to the children that each house has their own tooth fairy. So just because your friend got twenty dollars for a tooth doesn't mean you will. If that were true, I'd be plucking out kid teeth left and right instead of heading for the ATM. (Mommy doesn't carry more than $0.79 in pennies on her at a time.) I might even start paying Duke in teeth.

In order to prolong the excitement, Nat decided to leave one tooth the first night and the other on the next. She scored a fifty-cent piece for her first tooth and four quarters for the second. Our tooth fairy is old school. It's a tooth, not a gold nugget.

Maybe Nat can put it toward that college fund we haven't started yet.

In other news, I am happy to report that my aches and pains related to the Ultimate Hike are few and far between. I have taken enough Epsom Salt soaks to make a horse with a foot fetish very happy.

We traveled to Matt's mom's house a few days before Eve's birthday and got ready to head out to a fall festival because we love both fall and festivals. Of course, once there were seven people strapped in the van and ready to go, the van had the nerve to just sit there. Just sit there! There are dead batteries and there are dead batteries.

Matt says we go through batteries like we go through gallons of milk. Matt's mom said I should write a new blog about our van. Eve vs. Duct Tape? I hate to give up on this vehicle. We have kids with scars and some chronic health issues and we still love them.

Anyway, a hundred bucks later, we got to the festival. The first thing we saw was the SPCA trying to push fur. To quote the volunteer: Oh, if you like that white cat, we have another white cat at the shelter. We are having a special- adopt one cat, get one free. You can have two white cats for the price of one!

Yes. Because that's what's been missing from our lives. Not one, but two white cats. I'm having withdrawals from all the hair in my food that Eve lost from chemo.

There were tons of things to do, including lots of inflatables for the kids to bounce around in.

Two years ago, I would have sprayed each individual ball with Lysol. This year, I encourage Eve to be a kid and take in all those old-fashioned germs. Mmm, bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa...just like Grandma used to make.

Horse rides are always a hit. If horses could be potty trained, I'd totally get one.

Eve remembered her horse ride from our stay at Give Kids the World back in January and rode the entire time with one arm up in the air, shouting Yee-haw! Much the way she rides in the van when I go over large hills and we catch a little air.

Happy trails to you, until we don't adopt two white cats again.

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