Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweeping Booty

I couldn't have told you that Eve ever realized she was bald a few months ago. But, I found this under a couch cushion:

"Sweeping Booty got no hair like Evie! Her hair gonna grow back so nice!"

It's cool when your kid starts their own Disney Chemo Princess line.

Yes, Eve's hair is growing back. No, it's not growing back fast. I get it; she was bald, now she has hair. It's AMAZING. But those two inches have grown in since March. If your husband didn't shave his face since March, his beard would be just as long as Eve's hair. Ladies, if you didn't shave your legs since March, more power to you.

Hmm, this couch is a total treasure chest. I'm afraid to ask Eve what this stale Cheeto I found is all about, though.