Thursday, August 12, 2010


I swear I don't have Munchausen's by proxy; my kids just need frequent visits to the doctor.

At Daniel's 4-year checkup, he couldn't see the stereo images during his eye exam. When the pediatrician looked at Dan's eyes, he couldn't be sure that both eyes were focusing on the same point.

I scheduled a visit to the eye doctor. After an hour of three different people checking out his vision, they dilated his eyes.

(This was taken 6 hours later. Ni Hao, Kai-Dan!)
When the doc looked in those big black holes, she determined he has something called amblyopia. She was very impressed that our pediatrician had picked up on it since it was very subtle. Between Dan's eyes and Eve's tumors, I almost want to recommend him to you, but I want to make sure he doesn't get booked up in case Nat has something that also needs diagnosing.
Daniel gets to wear an eye patch over his good eye for two hours everyday for the next two months in hopes that the bad eye will learn to kick it up a notch. I guess if that doesn't work, the next step will be glasses, and then we can teach him all those cute lines from Jerry Maguire.

I'm pretty sure this shouldn't count toward the daily two hours.


  1. Poor Dan! They really didn't have a pirate eye patch?!?

  2. Actually, the box of patches I bought has assorted boy themes, and pirates is one of them. Unfortunately, it's not a black patch with a skull, but rather a bunch of pirate ships. Lame.

  3. I know there is a rainbow out there with your name on it, filled with healthy happy kids and a shit load of gold as compensation. Hang in there and never let go of that doctor. Screw the pediatric part, keep him around until they're 30.

  4. I had that as a kid too. I had to have eye surgery twice (since it was more severe) and then did the glasses. Aiden has to get tested every 3 months to make sure he isn't developing it b/c he has the lazy eyelid which can lead to lazy eye. So Aiden may be sporting the eye patch soon too.

    Sounds like you have an awesome pediatrician. Don't lose that one... they are not all like that.

    PS - I totally agree with Beth!

  5. you really just have nothing better to do, that's all.

  6. I get patches at Fresnel Prism, they have the best variety and stick the best.

  7. Christy, who's your eye doctor? I need to take Alex in for the same reason, but I've talked to three different moms whose kids' doctors started talking surgery right away. I'd really like to try a less aggressive route.

  8. April- I took him to North Carolina Ear, Eyes, Nose, and Throat. It's at the corner of Cary Pkwy and Tryon. He saw Dr. Roberts.