Saturday, December 19, 2009


The following information is hearsay, although I heard it from my husband, so it's probably all true:

1. Eve doesn't have the slappy-foot.
2. Her ANC is 200.
3. Her hemoglobin is 8.2.

What do all these things mean for us?
1. No more blogging about defunct maternal instincts.
2. Eve is neutropenic, which means she is very susceptible to infection. No more letting her eat off of the floor.
3. We will need to get Eve's blood work done on Monday. If her hemoglobin drops below 8.0, she will need a transfusion this week before chemo.


So...where was I during chemo, you ask? I was partying with Nat and Dan at preschool! Natalie was Mary, all decked out in a robe and cowgirl boots. Daniel ate candy. That's the Reader's Digest version.

Eve took an extremely long nap yesterday, and when she did get up, she was pretty cranky. It took her quite some time to warm up to the idea of dinner. Finally, when it was time for bed, I kissed her goodnight, and out of her mouth popped the word "yogurt!" Ok, the girl finally wants to eat something, so back downstairs we go...

She ate some yogurt. Eve, do you want any chicken nuggets? "NO! No chicken nuggets," as she emphatically pushed the nuggets away. Back upstairs for the re-brushing of the teeth.

Again, I kissed her goodnight and tried to lay her down on her pillow, when out burst, "CHICKEN NUGGET!" Hmm...ok, let's try this again.

Back downstairs to the recently-shunned chicken nuggets. She slowly ate one before pushing the plate away again. Eve, do you want anymore chicken nuggets? "NO!! Night-night!" So, back upstairs to brush her teeth once again.

Another kiss goodnight. Another attempt to lay her down. Another "CHICKEN NUGGET!!!!" Another tired mommy gives in and goes back downstairs to rinse and repeat.

You can probably guess how it ended when I tried to lay her down after trip number four downstairs. "CHICKEN NUGGET!!!!!! NUGGET!!! NUGGGGGGGGGGGGET!" Eve, are you just playing Mommy? "Yeah. I play Mommy."



  1. HaHa! You got played! :-) That story gave me a much needed laugh this morning.

    Lots of love and prayers.


  2. Girl, you are so amazing! You all have been through (and continue to go through) so much, and you still have a sense of humor and a wonderful way with words.

    Praying for Eve and you guys and think of you often! Missing your cakes too! ;-)