Friday, December 4, 2009

Just stop talking and give me the forecast.

Yesterday I took Daniel to the ENT for his follow-up appointment. It appears that his adenoids are indeed shrinking, but they are still getting in the way of him breathing through his nose. The snoring has stopped, though. Now I have to check to make sure he's breathing when I sneak into his room at night. I'm not used to the silence.

The doctor told me we could either try to wait it out (some kids outgrow the enlarged adenoids) or we can have them removed. How long till he might outgrow it? No one knows. One year? Three years? It's anyone's guess. I am leaning toward taking them out. I do not want Daniel to be the boy drooling on himself in kindergarten because he can't breathe through his mouth.

One of the nurses at the ENT office commented on Daniel's cowboy boots. "It's good you have them because it's going to SNOW on Saturday!" Seriously? Do you think that was the right thing to tell my three-year-old? Do you have to drive home with him asking how many snow men and snow angels and snow cowboys we are going to make on Saturday?

I hadn't heard of us getting any snow, so I stayed up to watch the weather forecast on the 11:00 news. I have this problem...10 times out of 10, I never know what the forecast is after watching it. I make myself stand there three feet from the television and concentrate really hard but I always drift off. The weather person is talking so fast and going on and on about pressure systems and barometric tendencies and El Niño that I am reminded of how much I disliked meteorology in college and while I'm remembering that, I've completely missed the whole forecast.

I don't want a meteorology lesson. I don't care why this weather is happening. I just want to know if I'll need a coat tomorrow.

Since I missed the weather report once again, I went to our local news station's website and discovered we might get about four snowflakes on Saturday before it gets mixed in with rain. (I'm not sure why I didn't check online in the first place.) I don't know how many snow cowboys we'll get to make with that.

Today was our last chemo day for the interim. Unfortunately, there was an accident on the Durham Freeway, so we arrived at 9:30 instead of 9:00. Thirty minutes might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is. The clinic parking area was full. We had to park in the -gasp- parking deck! Farther away and more expensive. It's not the short walk that gets me, it's the trying to find the van afterward. Our van is much harder for me to find now that I took the duct tape off of the back.

Another drawback to arriving after the clinic has been open for thirty minutes is being in the back of the line. We have been so used to going right back to an exam room upon arrival that sitting in the waiting room felt very strange. I'm pretty mediocre at the waiting game anyway, but today I felt myself watching the clock more than usual. We put Emla cream on Eve's port to numb it, and it only works for four hours. We have been told we cannot reapply it. Eek! We put the cream on her at 8:00 before we left the house and it was already 10:15.

We were finally taken back to get Eve's vitals around 10:20. Her blood pressure was good and she hasn't lost any weight. The exam rooms were packed, so we were sent back out to the waiting room. Did I mention I'm not good at waiting? I just wanted her port accessed before that cream wore off. It was getting all kinds of Jack Bauer in my head! Could she be accessed within the hour??

She could. The nurse took her back to a room around 10:45 and her port was accessed at 11:00. Whew! Crisis averted.

Eve is a pro at conversing with adults. In reality, she is just repeating everything she hears. Today she set a record for keeping up the ruse.

Nurse: Did you have a good week?
Eve: Yeah, had good week.
Nurse: Did you do anything fun?
Eve: Yeah, fun.
Nurse: Did you decorate your house for Christmas?
Eve: Yeah, decorate house Christmas.
Nurse: Do you have a Christmas tree?
Eve: Yeah, have Christmas tree.
Nurse: Do you have a favorite ornament?
Eve: Yeah, have favorite ornament.
Nurse: What is your favorite ornament?
Eve: Yeah.

Blood counts look good- her ANC was up to 1276.

Since Eve seems to have recovered from the choking fits she was having when she drank, the doctors increased her dose of Vincristine to 75% of her normal dose. After that was done, we headed downstairs so she could get her second H1N1 vaccination at the flu clinic. Matt took her back to get the shot and she was done before I could finish eavesdropping on some lady's phone call. It sounded pretty interesting, too! Don't judge me.

Tonight we decided that Eve's ANC was high enough to let her sleep in Natalie's room instead of ours. Tonight I'm going to turn on all the lights when I put on my pajamas! I've been waking up in some really interesting outfits lately.

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