Monday, June 18, 2012


When Natalie said she wanted to have a sleepover for her birthday I was like AWW, YEAH BUDDY.  A few seven-year-olds is much harmless than twenty of them ganging up on me.  I could handle twenty six-year-old boys; I would just throw them in the backyard with some hot dogs and water guns and let them go to town, only to reappear when they run out of ketchup or good-naturedly break an arm while deck diving .  Twenty seven-year-old GIRLS is like Baby Melrose Place and I don't take no baby drama from no baby mamas.  And by "baby mama" I mean a little girl, not like the way men mean it when they are talking about who they haven't been paying child support to.

Monday, June 4, 2012

While you were gone...

My husband went to China for two weeks.  I was going to post about what we had been up to while he was gone so he could experience it with my award-winning pictures and colorful vocabulary but then I remembered that the Chinese Internet Police probably wouldn't allow for the transmission of this blog to his laptop.